Saturday, February 24, 2007

blogs in general

You know my brother asked me this last week why I didn't do blogs and I said something to the point of "oh I don't want the world in general knowing that much about me" blah blah blah. Truth is I really think its because I would worry about what my family would think about some of the crap that spews out of my warped mind....seriously some of the thoughts that run through my brain disturb even me, and I can't believe at how something so filled with wonder at the world around it can turn so perverted a moment later. I would hate to feel that I would need an edit button just in case someone I knew stumbled into this. I guess "private" ramblings are okay, well, as private as you can get on the internet anyway, but then I also worry about what some seriously twisted individual would do with my thoughts....I may have some strange ideas but I am really not all THAT warped and I know that real evil does exist out there dressed in fairly normal clothing. So why blog, and why now? I have no idea, other than it does feel good to get some of these thoughts out of my head and let them run around somewhere else...does the world need another blogger that will proly never be read? Not really, but then I guess they don't do it for the audience, do they? Its more of a self-catharsis of the soul....a sort of online "going-to-confession slash therapy-session" where there are no rules, no one to shock or to try and analyse you afterwards. So we'll see what happens, shall we?