Friday, November 23, 2012

From the iPod....

Just what do all of these songs have in common? You'd probably never guess it, but these are some of the songs that I have sung in public (karaoke, play tryouts, etc). They also share the distinction of being songs that I still love, even after all these years.

"Passionate Kisses" Mary-Chapin Carpenter

"And So It Goes" Billy Joel

"Puff the Magic Dragon" Peter, Paul and Mary

Monday, November 19, 2012

Time To Go

Fun short film about a curious little quadropus who turns the city around him blue...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost All The Pretty Little Stars

I found something fun the other day.

I love the stars... I love to lie there and watch them at night, twinkling away hundreds and thousands of light years away; light only now reaching us, when the star that emitted them could be long gone.

I find it fascinating, and so beautifully haunting. I don't know what exactly it is, but I find looking at the stars almost like greeting old friends. I keep an eye out for my favorites, and it warms my heart to see their reappearance with the change of the season...

Which is why I found this to be so entertaining. Its an interactive star map... you can watch the tour (which is fun on its own) or zip around to the stars you are interested in.

Now not everyone is in there... this is in Beta mode still (and I am trying to not be sad that my beloved Sirius is not included as of yet) but it does give wonderful information, gorgeous images and you can learn something at the same time... how is that not amazing?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coming Attractions

Okay everyone, don't think less of me for this, but I am really looking forward to the new Nicholas Hoult comedy coming out in February... oh wait, that makes it a Valentines release, doesn't it?

Okay, that made me laugh. Watch the preview, you'll see why.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Snowfall

The first real snow of the season arrived yesterday here on the valley floor. We had been teased by dustings of snow covering the mountains, with only a few flirtations here far below... quick falls that would quickly melt and fade nearly as fast as it had come. I sat and watched as large, feathery flakes spiralled out of a gray sky, blanketing the world in a quilt of fluffy eiderdown, dappled in shades of white, gray and pale blue.

What a beautiful way to bury the dying remains of fall and leaving everything fresh and clean; allowing the world the time it needs to be reborn again in the spring into something new... and there is something so comforting, so soothing and peaceful in watching the snowfall when you are safe and warm indoors. Some reassurance that you are home...

Maybe its because snow is so tied to the holidays. Growing up in the mountains of northern Washington state, the snow would sometimes arrive in time for Halloween, and by Thanksgiving it was down to stay; not to melt until March or April. Seeing the world wrapped up in its winter finery always makes me want to reach for a cup of steaming, fragrant hot cocoa or a warm spiced cider. Something cosy against the chill outside.

Jason loved the snow. He would wait for the first snowfall, and when it came, would put on his traditional song, light candles heavy with the scent of Christmas and watch the snow as it drifted down.

I thought of that tradition yesterday... I even considered doing it for myself, but somehow couldn't bring myself to do it. I even found excuses... oh the speakers aren't set up yet, or I would have to dig the CD out of the office.

I woke up this morning and saw the trees outside my window, looking so lovely and graceful with their bare branches wearing their new winter coats, and couldn't resist any longer. I got up, made my way here to the living room where I found the song on youtube.

Feel free to listen for yourself to the introduction to winter.... its called "First Snowfall" and its by Michael W Smith.

I hope you will excuse me, for I am off to make myself a cup of cider now.

Welcome winter....