Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Photoshoot

Last weekend... fresh snow, blue skies... and a chilly 13 degrees before factoring in the wind chill.

I have been taking shots of my favorite teenager, Kitten... mostly so she can find one she likes as her senior picture, but also just for fun as I promised to capture her in every season.

We've now covered fall and winter.

So here we are on this frosty Sunday afternoon, with me snapping away madly, and this darling girl in short sleeves is happily stomping through the snow in a full-length gown. Being Alaskan tough, she insists she feels just fine, even though I, bundled in a thermal shirt and fleece jacket, am completely freezing. As proof of her statement, the only thing blue on her is her heavenly eyes and her sparkling gown.

Rather than bore you with dozens of shots, I'll just share my absolute favorites from the shoot....hope you enjoy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ooh la la.... "Outer Space"

Short, but amazing video shot using only images from the Voyager and Cassini space probes of Saturn and Jupiter... raging storms, balletic dance of moons, rings and all.

I hope you enjoy.....

Outer Space from Sander van den Berg on Vimeo.