Saturday, October 27, 2012

Road Trip!

I'm off and playing with my little seestas, whom I very much adore. I forgot how much I light up around them, and Richard even made the comment that its nice to see me happy again, considering I've been walking around like a bit of a zombie lately. Its raining cats and dogs here, and we had snow off and on for part of the drive, but we arrived safe and sound, and, as a perk, my amazing brother in law installed my new car radio so Richard and I will have some tunes for the rest of the drive! Its nice to be able to relax and hang. Tomorrow we'll leave Moscow and head up to Chewelah. Monday its to Sandpoint and then Tuesday we head for home.... Short, but sweet.... and I am happy that we came.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Over the river and through the woods....

...and so much further we will have to go.

Bright and squirelly tomorrow morning is when Richard and I hit the open road, off to see the family up north... waaayyyyyy up north (like 12 hours of non-stop driving north).

It will be wonderful to go up and spend time with the girls, and to finally introduce Richard to Miya and Roy. It will also be fun to spend a bit of time with both of my parents and to show Richard the places that I love the most in this world. Finally, it'll be nice to get away, even if its only for a very short zip up and back... with all that has been happening these last few months, we could both use a road trip. We haven't had one since we moved Richard from Texas last August and we're both a bit antsy to go and "see the sights"... but then, we road people are always fairly easy to please, aren't we? Its not as if we are pining to fly to Paris or some other exotic port.

Surprisingly there is more room in my car than I thought I would have, and packing so far has gone pretty quickly. I might have to find some more things to box up and take along! Looks like there will be room for my laptop after all, and possibly even a soft, fluffy pillow!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From the iPod....

Today's focus is on a band I was introduced to not very long ago called Green River Ordinance. I admit I didn't pay much attention at the time, but it seems like their songs keep queueing up in my shuffle mix a lot lately, so I gave them another listen today...and loved it... lets hope you do too.

"Goodbye L.A."

"Heart of Me"

"Dancing Shoes"

"Lost in the World"

"Beauty of Letting Go"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Perfect Purple

I dreamt of helping others to find the perfect purple.

They would come forward, searching, and I in return would pull out just what it was that they were looking for. I would hand over swatches for all who approached me; each piece about the size of my hand and rectangular in shape... and the people would walk away happy, secure in the knowledge that this piece was for them, and them alone.

Soft chenilles of lilac and nubby woolens of a heather hue. Velvets of the deepest plum and satins of a pure periwinkle; the same, fleeting shade as when day gives way to twilit evening.

Delicate shades of amethyst, orchid, lavender, pansy and thistle. Rich imperials, eggplant, mulberry and heliotrope... all these hues and thousands more slipped through my fingers without hesitation, and graced the hands of all those who came seeking.

And I? I did not keep one for myself, but it wasn't a concern, for it was as if a little part of all that I gave away somehow imbued me with a touch of its grace before departing on its new path in life. Each allowing me a touch of the comfort and peace it had to offer, until I felt I could hardly keep from bursting at the bounty laid before me.

It is amazing how certain dreams can stay with you. This dream was from over a year ago, and yet I awoke this morning with the echo of it on my mind.... that same peace, and the warmth that comes from being selfless to others. My simple writings cannot come close to conveying the sweetness that dream has afforded me, but I wish it could.

If it were somehow possible to give the world what it sought after I would, be it even a simple piece of cloth.

The dream, I know, isn't really about colors, or cloth, or any truly physical thing, but about love. Unwavering love, kindness and charity. While I am a hopelessly flawed creature, these are things that I can offer to those around me. I do not have to be a Mother Teresa, serving in the far reaches, but I can be there to those around me. For those in my own little corner of the world.

Such a simple thing.... but one I hope that would have far reaches.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Great Public Service Announcement

I guess even zombies like fresh meat!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Comic Relief - Doctor Who

Incredibly funny.... and goodness knows we could certainly use a laugh or two lately.