Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Perfect Purple

I dreamt of helping others to find the perfect purple.

They would come forward, searching, and I in return would pull out just what it was that they were looking for. I would hand over swatches for all who approached me; each piece about the size of my hand and rectangular in shape... and the people would walk away happy, secure in the knowledge that this piece was for them, and them alone.

Soft chenilles of lilac and nubby woolens of a heather hue. Velvets of the deepest plum and satins of a pure periwinkle; the same, fleeting shade as when day gives way to twilit evening.

Delicate shades of amethyst, orchid, lavender, pansy and thistle. Rich imperials, eggplant, mulberry and heliotrope... all these hues and thousands more slipped through my fingers without hesitation, and graced the hands of all those who came seeking.

And I? I did not keep one for myself, but it wasn't a concern, for it was as if a little part of all that I gave away somehow imbued me with a touch of its grace before departing on its new path in life. Each allowing me a touch of the comfort and peace it had to offer, until I felt I could hardly keep from bursting at the bounty laid before me.

It is amazing how certain dreams can stay with you. This dream was from over a year ago, and yet I awoke this morning with the echo of it on my mind.... that same peace, and the warmth that comes from being selfless to others. My simple writings cannot come close to conveying the sweetness that dream has afforded me, but I wish it could.

If it were somehow possible to give the world what it sought after I would, be it even a simple piece of cloth.

The dream, I know, isn't really about colors, or cloth, or any truly physical thing, but about love. Unwavering love, kindness and charity. While I am a hopelessly flawed creature, these are things that I can offer to those around me. I do not have to be a Mother Teresa, serving in the far reaches, but I can be there to those around me. For those in my own little corner of the world.

Such a simple thing.... but one I hope that would have far reaches.

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Anonymous said...

Inspiring in its beauty and simplicity. Thanks for sharing this Shawna.