Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From the iPod....

Today's focus is on a band I was introduced to not very long ago called Green River Ordinance. I admit I didn't pay much attention at the time, but it seems like their songs keep queueing up in my shuffle mix a lot lately, so I gave them another listen today...and loved it... lets hope you do too.

"Goodbye L.A."

"Heart of Me"

"Dancing Shoes"

"Lost in the World"

"Beauty of Letting Go"

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Mindy said...

So - I have to admit that besides the fact that Jason shared it with me - and he had a flair for finding awesome groups and songs - part of the reason I started listening to Green River Ordinance was their name. I mean - come on - how could I NOT try listening to them. :-)

Then, once I listened to their music, I wanted to hear more - simply because I liked what I heard. They have some seriously great songs.

(But I still say - they have a darn cool name... lol)