Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Robert Jordan

Sadly I just learned that one of my favorite authors, Robert Jordan, passed away on Sept 16th. Just spent a few minutes scrolling through his blog and was amazed at how positive he sounded about beating this blood disorder he'd been diagnosed fact he had posted about beating it just a few days before his death. Amazing author...and a very nice man--he was kind enough to autograph every copy of his books that I had (a present for Yancy) when I met him about a decade ago. If you're interested, I couldn't get a link set up but here's the blog address:

Its gonna be a lovely day

You know it HAS to be when it has started so perfectly. The other day I was talking with Jase about this cornfield I pass every morning and have been wanting to this morning I pulled over, got out of the car, and walked out into the field. It was so amazing--the colors of the cornstalks shining in the sun, the birds singing from somewhere within the field--it was so calm and peaceful I was able to forget the fact that beyond the drainage ditch waited numerous cars sitting and waiting for a train to pass. I eventually had to come back out though (camera ran out of juice--I haven't charged it in awhile!) and join the rat race but what a perfect way to start my day!

p.s. I'll have a couple of the field shots posted up on my Deviantart account friday...

p.p.s. Hey! I just figured out how to upload my pics on's a sample of this morning's perfection!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's all about the bum.....

Guess what gang....IT IS MY TUSH! I put that quilt down on the chair and more shocks. While its nice to know where the problem lies (both of my last work chairs were fabric) its still humiliating to know my bum is, technically, the culprit! I should be getting my own computer chair here at work soon since the one I am using is broken; guess I will have to be sure to get a vinyl one rather than fabric......

Monday, September 24, 2007

and now for something a little more shocking....

UGH! Fall, amazingly beautiful and as WOW as it is also brings with it one thing I definately do not enjoy....I become one big electric shock! Everything around me gives me a buzz....light switches, door knobs, any and all electrical equipment. For those not in the know I actually shorted out the motherboard of my last employer's fax/copier/scanner....seriously fried the sucker (thank goodness it was a rental under warranty!)

Anyone with any advice for me...send it my way! I have a plant in the office (norfolk pine), I wear tennis shoes and try to avoid dragging my feet, I am NOT wearing ANY wool whatsoever....other than wearing gloves around the office (highly impractical) I am at a loss for what else to do other than break down and buy one of those silly "plug me into an outlet" bracelets. I DO plan to bring in the throw quilt that worked at my last job....I set it over my chair and it helped tremendously (does that mean that the culprit is my tush???) Hmmmmmmm....I guess tomorrow will tell the tale.

The most wonderful time of the year....

I know that everyone thinks of Christmas when that phrase comes around but for me fall is the most wonderful time of the year....leaves are turning colors, the days twine by in ever-changing skies of brilliant blue and cloudy gray and the smell of rain hangs fresh on the air. Fog lies gently on the fields in the morning and low-hanging clouds climb the nearby mountain peaks....peaks that this morning revealed their first coat of snow! Its this time of year that makes you feel all snuggly-warm, listening to the rain on the rooftop, drinking warm cocoa while bundled up warm on the couch. I don't know about the rest of you out there but for me, fall is not a time of death and endings, but of laying the old aside, and pulling ourselves together to become something new in the spring.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Mouse: still uncaught (unsurprising since the trap is still sitting, unbaited on the counter!) but he's been spotted a couple of times

Home: 90% unpacked...we're down to figuring out what books to have out and unpack about 8 tons worth of fabric

Work: still love it, but exhausted today....girl needs to work out and get into shape (but then I spent today lugging around 96 lb boxes!)

Life in general: about as much of a mess as always!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

There's a mouse in my house! read right...there's a stinking cute tan mouse living somewhere in my home! I stayed home from work yesterday with the flu and was sitting on the couch when I happened to look into the kitchen and see this little guy come out from under the stove. He sniffed the air for a couple of moments and then casually wandered back from where he came from. Sure he looked adorable but it doesn't mean I want to share my home with him. Haveta admit that I was tempted last night to toss a peanut in that direction since I was eating some....haven't seen him since but I set up my computer and noticed there's mouse poo on my computer desk! Sure he looked cute earlier but mouse poo--absolutely not! So now I get to find a humane trap and then cart his little furry butt across the road to the dairy farm. Just hope he doesn't have some mousy family in the walls with him!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Brothers, birthdays, unpacking and hilarious comic fun

Okay, I know pretty much only family reads this blog but I just wanted to say that this saturday at four we're having a bbq at jason's place to celebrate his birthday...hope you can come....

Well the unpacking progresses...its starting to look as if I live there now. Its nice to know that you've reached that point where someone could walk into the house and say "yep...this is where Shawna lives". I am getting so anal about cleanliness--proly since I've lived with a roomie who was a bit of a slob and then I am cleaning up the previous tenants ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-ness that he left behind. Its making me automatically put things in the dishwasher once I am done with them and keeping stuff nice and neat. Frankly, all the boxes I still have lying around are driving me nuts but the goal is to be done by Sunday so I am not too worried.

As a heads up to anyone who may not have stumbled across this yet you gotta go to Miya's web comic.... its hilarious, tho' I warn you now she's not against dropping the F bomb when you're not looking! The link is on my page or just go to You won't regret it. The last couple of weeks following Alice and her "misadventure" at work have literally had me peeing my pants!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Its all right everyone, it turns out the Cure just postponed their U.S. Tour until March/April of next year; they still plan to come to SLC!!!!! (whew!) I can still try to go, and who knows, maybe by then I can find someone who likes the Cure enough to want to go with me.....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

So much stuff.....

Well, I survived the weekend....Swiss Days was fun but both Cynthia and I were up wayyyyyyyy to late the night before so we were both tired. Watched a nice parade and got a couple of nice shots from it but I couldn't help but compare it to parades I've seen at Chataqua. Sorry to say it Midway but Chewelah has you beat for parades. Actually, there were some amazing booths set up and also the typical middle-of-the-road junk...I was surprised to see a couple really cheesy ones made it through the jurying process as well. I bought myself two metal sculpture things--a hanging dragonfly and a pumpkin candle holder along with a couple small miscellaneous items. It was DEFINATELY crowded and I came home with a mild sunburn on my neck but it was worth it--I had a lot of fun!

Went back to Cynthia's...had some bbq chicken and then ate that cheesecake....hmmm... it wasn't bad but I think I want to play around with the recipe a bit as the carrot cake could have been better and the same with the cheesecake. I think if I incorporate two recipes I already know and love I could come up with something fairly spectacular.

Sunday and Monday were pretty much spent unpacking and cleaning cleaning cleaning. Went to WalMart last night and spent a freaking $200 in kitchen junk because the idea of using what Marty left behind was making me sick. I bought four bowls, four plates (from different sets but they look amazing together!) spatula, can opener, really neat metal collander with the holes being a cut-out design of grapes, a pot/pan set, two casserole dishes and a set of glasses. Also got a mop and broom among other items. Realized I really need and want a blender so if anyone out there still hasn't gotten me anything for my birthday a gift cert to somewhere I can pick a blender up from would be great!

Realized that with all of this unpacking (and still so many boxes to go) just how much stuff I have. I gave away so much when I moved down here but its overwhelming to see just how much I still have. Ronetta, Mike and Meggie stopped by yesterday afternoon for about an hour and Ronetta stated her amazement as to how many boxes I'd gone through and how she couldn't see where it had disappeared to. Ah the illusion of full bookshelves, etc never imagine just how many boxes it takes of books to fill one of those things. I do, however, need to go through my books and take some to DI as I have far far far too many! But that's a chore for a couple weeks from main focus is to finish up with those boxes and finally be moved in before sorting out stuff to get rid of! I have to admit I shouldn't have expected too much from this weekend as I did spend most of it over at Cynthia's....junk doesn't unpack itself!