Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Its gonna be a lovely day

You know it HAS to be when it has started so perfectly. The other day I was talking with Jase about this cornfield I pass every morning and have been wanting to this morning I pulled over, got out of the car, and walked out into the field. It was so amazing--the colors of the cornstalks shining in the sun, the birds singing from somewhere within the field--it was so calm and peaceful I was able to forget the fact that beyond the drainage ditch waited numerous cars sitting and waiting for a train to pass. I eventually had to come back out though (camera ran out of juice--I haven't charged it in awhile!) and join the rat race but what a perfect way to start my day!

p.s. I'll have a couple of the field shots posted up on my Deviantart account friday...

p.p.s. Hey! I just figured out how to upload my pics on's a sample of this morning's perfection!

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