Tuesday, September 11, 2007

There's a mouse in my house!

Yup....you read right...there's a stinking cute tan mouse living somewhere in my home! I stayed home from work yesterday with the flu and was sitting on the couch when I happened to look into the kitchen and see this little guy come out from under the stove. He sniffed the air for a couple of moments and then casually wandered back from where he came from. Sure he looked adorable but it doesn't mean I want to share my home with him. Haveta admit that I was tempted last night to toss a peanut in that direction since I was eating some....haven't seen him since but I set up my computer and noticed there's mouse poo on my computer desk! Sure he looked cute earlier but mouse poo--absolutely not! So now I get to find a humane trap and then cart his little furry butt across the road to the dairy farm. Just hope he doesn't have some mousy family in the walls with him!

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