Monday, July 30, 2007

its all in how you look at it... an interesting (?) accident

Well, today was my first official "I'm a clutz" maneuver at work. I was using a Phillips screwdriver to pry apart some defective switches for recycling when the screwdriver slipped and imbedded itself about halfway through my palm. Funny but it didn't hurt at the time so I calmly pulled it out, walked to the sink and began washing it. Heading to the cupboard where we keep bandaids I looked down and noticed something thin, silky/silvery looking and about an inch long coming from my oh so lovely puncture wound. I think it was a nerve fiber! It felt weird pulling on didn't hurt, but I could feel some strange sensations along my wrist when I played with it. Don't definately hurt when I tugged hard enough to snap the sucker off!

Needless to say, I threw it away, put a bandaid on my palm and went back to work, thanking my (lucky?) stars that I'd just had a tetnus shot a month-and-a-half ago! The funny thing is that, in spite of the fact that 8 hours later my hand is stiff and freaking sore, today really was a good day at work and I got a lot accomplished. And on the plus-er side, I got to see a part of me that I never have before in a soooooooooo kewl, forensic files kind of I sick or what?

Friday, July 27, 2007

moves and little sisters...

Well, my friend Ronetta has offered me her mobile home for the low low low price of $300 a month...and the sucker is furnished! Hooray! My own home roomies and all that entails (for those of you in contact with me you've proly already heard a few of the complaints!) I should be able to move in labor day weekend but am not sure if I will be moving then or the following weekend as Ronetta, the gang and I are thinking of heading for Wyoming to go Dude Ranching for my birthday...mine or one has really decided yet. 'Netta's birthday is at the end of the month so it would just be one day on the ranch unless everyone took an extra day off of work so I think it would proly be a better idea for labor day weekend but we'll discuss it tonight.

Of course moving means packing and packing means GOING THROUGH ALL MY CRAP TO BE SURE I REALLY WANT TO HAUL IT WITH ME YET AGAIN! sigh. I hate moving. I've already decided that this weekend is gonna be me, packing boxes, my junk and a couple of movies playing in the background for company. I also have incentive since my little sister Lucie is coming down to spend a month with me. She arrives this tuesday and will be here until August 28th. It'd be nice to have most of the extra crap boxed up before she gets here so she can not only show up to a nice clean room but so that I won't be panicking because I have no intention of packing while she's here (talk about boring!) Of course I've invited Mikey over for dinner sometime this weekend so I will have some human contact to look forward to. Turns out he's packing this weekend too cause he turned in his two weeks notice and plans to head up to Layton in a couple of weeks.

So....if I don't answer my phone this weekend odds are its cause its buried under a pile of my junk, or that I can't climb over the boxes fast enough to get to it. If you still haven't gotten a hold of me by the middle of next week you may want to start worrying that I've accidently taped my cell up into one of the packing boxes! With my luck, it'll proly happen.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

what a week....

Okay, managed to survive my first week on the new job (with a ton of yawning!) and realized, yet again, why I am happy I no longer work for my old employer. Apparently he freaked when he saw my "extra hours" over the weekend and wasn't happy about "being forced to pay me for it", what a jerk! Forward to new job...okay, my new boss is my uncle so there's already an "i like you as a person" vibe going on but its been funny to see how we have a professional working relationship here. It's not strange at all...but it feels like it should be.

Regardless, I LOVE MY NEW JOB! I do a lot of things and there's quite a bit of flexability with it so its a lot of fun. I enter, fill and ship product from this office and call on orders coming from the warehouse. I get to call on old estimates and see if they are interested in placing an order (a lot less scary than I thought!) and try to think of new ways to drum up business. I also get to handle the couple of walk-in customers that we get (and let me get this out of the way now..THEY ARE ALL GUYS! and some of them are pretty darn cute!) My flirtation muscles are getting exercise again!!!! I also am getting tons of exercise around here with running around filling orders and lifting some extremely heavy boxes (97 lbs is not uncommon here!)

The week ended well...went to Wendover and did some mild gambling for Meggie's birthday (Ronetta's daughter). Ended up losing $15 in the end but had fun except for one teensy weensy little sin...girl had a shot glass sized pina colada. Yup, the kind that's made with rum...tho after me beating myself up over it the people I was with admitted that there was less than a spoonful of booze in that thing...still....BAD GIRL! Too bad it tasted kinda yummy....until I tasted the rum anyway. Don't worry, I am still kicking myself for that one...confessed my sin to my 16 year old baby sister and she asks, "uh..can't you get those things non-alcoholic?" Aw man! Why didn't I think of that while I was ordering it????

Came home late Saturday with my new Harry Potter book in tow and then spent Sunday reading it off and on. Finished by 4:30 in the afternoon and was fairly upset with Mrs. Rowling because she freaking killed off my favorite character!!!!! Okay, maybe upset is a bit strong since I had a feeling this person wasn't going to make it but it still was upsetting to get to it....especially since we don't know how they died or which person killed them...we just come across them lying there dead.

In one sense I am happy that the series has wrapped up and there's no more waiting to find out who comes out on top in the end, especially since I was getting a little tired of the ongoing storyline (seriously, how many times can we hear the chorus of "ooh Snape is the bad guy!" without wanting to smack those kids upside the head?). Kudos to Rowling for definately wrapping this thing up with no real ends to come back to later.

All in all it was a very long, but rather satisfying week.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

she's served her time...let her go free....

Yup yup yup...I am now a free woman....after slaving for two weeks to help hire and train my replacement ( NOT going to go into that drama) I ended up working this weekend(9 hours yesterday and 7 hours today) cleaning up files and everything so the new gal won't have so many headaches to deal with her first week going solo. Damn I am tired...and excited to start my new job tomorrow. Gotta admit part of me is a wee bit sad to leave here but only because I am leaving Ronetta and Mikey...they can still call and chat here at work but I will be elsewhere...sigh.... Mike showed up today and spooked me while I was working alone, and then we went to TGI Friday's for lunch (which was really bad--sorry guys, you sucked this time!) All in all, in spite of exhaustion I feel pretty darn good! Think I'll go home, snarf down a bowl of cookies n' cream ice cream and freaking PASS OUT until tomorrow!