Saturday, February 15, 2014

From the iPod... The Devlins

Wow, time flies, doesn't it?  I've been meaning to post here for awhile now, but I thought I would first do a  "from the iPod" post for two reasons.

1.  Its a fast way to get a post out there that still means something, and will tide you over until I can gather the thoughts in my head for a more intensive post.

2.  I love music and love finding new things to listen to and share with others.  In this case however , its the sharing of a band that I have loved for years.

The Devlins hit the mainstream back in 1993 with the album "Drift" and opened for Sarah McLachlan on her "Building a Mystery" tour.  I caught the show in Seattle and loved what I heard so much that I bought the CD the next morning.  As great of a performer as Sarah is, The Devlins stole the show that night.

Despite great reviews in Rolling Stone, it was a long 4 years until their next album, "Waiting" was released due to the band being cut from their label.  In order to convince the label Netwerk to sign the band, Sarah  used the album as prelude music on the first Lillith Fair tour.  While it was great to hear the new album, it was hard to wait for what seemed likes ages to finally get my hands on it.

It took 5 years before "Consent" would be released in 2002, followed by "Waves" in 2004.  2009 saw the lead singer, Colin Devlin, release a solo album that was well worth the wait.  The band still performs both together and with Colin's solo concerts, and I just learned that a new album by the band is scheduled to come out later this year... happy days!

So here is a couple of songs from each of their albums... I hope that you like it.  Oh, and if you are only going to give one song a chance, drop to the bottom of the list and listen to "Emelia"...

"Almost Made You Smile (live)" from the album "Drift".  

"Someone To Talk To" from the album "Drift"

"Alone in the Dark" from the album "Drift"

"Waiting" from the album "Waiting"

"Years Could Go By" from the album "Waiting"

"Static in the Flow"  from the album "Consent"

"There is a Light" from the album "Consent"

"Don't Let It Break Your Heart" from the album "Waves"

"Waves" from the album "Waves"

"The Heart Won't Be Denied" Colin Devlin, from the solo album "Democracy of One"

"Emelia" Colin Devlin, from the solo album "Democracy of One"