Sunday, October 12, 2014

From the iPod - Uplift

I was directed to a couple of new songs this week from my dear friend Mindy.  These two songs have been heavily played since they were added to my iPod.  I thought maybe you might enjoy them as well.

David Archuleta "Glorious" from the "Meet the Mormons" soundtrack.  I LOVE this song... the message is so uplifting and the music swells and just carries you along with it.  There is a free download of the song available here  that is totally worth taking advantage of. 

I love Tenth Avenue North, but I stopped paying attention to new music coming out these last couple of years, so I missed finding out they had a new album last year.  While the song is beautiful and powerful on its own, the video really brings the message home.

Thanks Mindy for sharing such wonderful music with me!