Friday, March 1, 2013


This is Samson... Sammy for short.

Sam is a sweet cat, but he can be a bit of high maintenance. Like when he comes across one of his toy mice. Mice are to be thrown, chased after, and then you come back and demand a new mouse be tossed. Heaven forbid he should actually bring the original mouse back (that is something dogs would do and is, therefore, not to be considered). A good game of chase will end up with the thrower eventually bored out of their skull and Sam asking for "just one more mouse toss" even though there is a graveyard of abandoned mice littering the end of the hall.

"Toss it Dude!"

Sam's second favorite pastime is mewing at the underside of the couch until Richard finally digs out the yardstick and fishes out all of the toys that have been lost to its shadowy recesses. He gets excited as more and more mice are pulled out, until he is sitting on a stack of toys; his very demeanor chortling with glee, "mine, all mine". Forget the fact that there are two other cats in the house that enjoy tossing a mouse about... the mice in this house are Sam's and Sam's alone.

So imagine my surprise this morning when, while at work, I glance down at the floor and notice a flash of orange on my pants... or rather, in my pants.

Sam had tucked one of his mice into the cuff of my jeans, and I had not even noticed it until then.

For the rest of the day all I had to do was glance down to that mouse, still safely tucked away in my pant cuff, and I could feel the smile on my face growing ever wider. A little secret... me in my mousey pants and no one else the wiser. Not my boss, not our customers... just myself and a sweet little ginger cat, waiting for me back home.