Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter

Well movie fans here it is: the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Looks to be pretty dark! Guess I will have to read the books again, I don't recall Ron dead (or just stunned) on the floor.....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Somebody Shoot Me

I've had this theme song stuck in my head all clue as to why.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Movie Review: X-Files

I wanted to believe....I really did.

Unless you're the biggest die-hard fan of the original series and just HAVE TO KNOW what Scully and Mulder did with their post-FBI lives, don't bother.

The story is confusing at first as to what their relationship is (even to us die-hard fans who own every episode). Scully's side-story has nothing to do with the main storyline and is a distraction and listening to her whine non-stop to Mulder about how she isn't an agent anymore really gets on your nerves.

Neither Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny seem interested in being on the screen and are just caricatures of their former television roles. While Mulder and Scully get in some great one-liners most of them are of a sexual nature and this movie is definately not appropriate for little tykes who will not only fail to follow the storyline (or even be interested) but there are some very gory elements.

Most upsetting is the ending. For an "X-file" the storyline uses what was real (and disturbing) research but there is nothing really supernatural going fact the bad guy is introduced (and you know its him) about 20 minutes into the film. It would have been uber-creepy to tell us in detail more about the research rather than a quick flash of printed documents and a dark and unrevealing zip through the scene-of-the-crime. The one television cameo is great...but by the time you get to the surprise you wonder if it was originally written in the script or a last-minute addition to boost a waning audiences attention and to distract you from the fact that the answer literally falls into Scully and Mulder's laps.

End result? An overly long episode that you wouldn't bother to watch again when there are so many better episodes to choose from. Oh, and Chris? You shouldn't have killed off the Lone Gunmen in Season 9 as a wrap-up of the brilliant-but-cancelled spin-off...having those guys running around spouting off their crazy conspiracy theories really could have pulled your movie out of the fire.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ultimate Weight Loss Never-Fail Plan

Is called food poisoning.

Not fun. Really not fun. 3 days of nothing staying down but a very few liquids (and I mean VERY few...I was literally dying of thirst here....I couldn't stop thinking about how thirsty I was). Yes I know I need insurance...the employer is checking into it but I can't afford to go in for an IV drip to replace fluids without it, so I didn't. Yes, I know that I am stupid for not doing so. I honestly think if this had gone on for another day I would have said to heck with the urgent care charges and gone anyway. It doesn't help that the swamp cooler in my office hasn't been working properly and that its hovered between 80 and 90 degrees in there for the last couple of days...of course I was thinking about water!

Lost at least 7 pounds. I am not at work today (Pioneer Day) so I didn't hop on the scale this morning but between Monday and Wednesday I lost 6.5 lbs and I feel like I've definately lost a little more between yesterday and today.

So not the way I wanted to lose weight since I know it was all water and muscle. Thankfully the Cheerios I tried this morning (yum...multi-grain goodness, but then after this much time even cardboard would probably taste good!)seems to be agreeing with my stomach so I have some soup heating up at the moment.

Weird thing this morning is I can actually feel that I am smaller and I actually feel really good and energized today. Probably because I started holding down liquids last night and started tanking up on water and apple juice. Has anyone done a long fast before? I've heard that you feel great after a few days (not that I plan to do it myself but I was just wondering if this was a similar feeling).

Oh, and I won't be eating chinese food again for awhile OR hot dogs from a convenience store, since one or the other are the culprit (I'm leaning towards the chinese food since I didn't get it home quite fast enough).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yet another movie review......

In a word...brilliant.
In one more word....confusing.

Great film and an amazing performance from Heath Ledger (who is so wrapped up in his role as the Joker that you won't even recognise him). The storyline had its moments of confusion where the audience is left wondering just what happened, but on the whole it was a non-stop thrill ride of action, suspense and dizzying heights that the Batman always seems to be jumping from. Plenty of surprises (one had our audience break out into cheers and'll know which one I am talking about).

Honestly, the only weak part (and I know Miya will probably have something to say about this) was Maggie Gyllenhaal... frankly she just sucked in this film. I know it is never easy taking on a role that someone else has played (it was originally Katie Holmes) but she had a chance to expand on the role and failed miserably. Honestly, the more she was on the screen the more disappointed I was. Not that I think she's a fantastic actress...she's had good performances and some seriously crap ones...but I found her seriously lacking in the role of Rachel. Surprisingly I really liked Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent. He's another one of those actors that swings between a hit and a miss with his acting but in this one he's definately got his "A" game on.

Oh, and watch for a short but fun cameo by the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) at the opening of the film.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Got together with a friend yesterday after work...we pulled together on a project and then went our seperate ways long enough to grab takeout and meet back up at Provo's Pioneer Park.

The weather couldn't have been any better if I had ordered it straight out of the catalog: sun shining gently with some light clouds tossed into the mix. A nice little breeze and the temperature turned down from the upper 90 scorchers we've been having to a nice and gentle mid 80's. It had sprinkled rain before we got there and you could still smell it in the air.

7 p.m.

Magical time.

The park wasn't crowded and the kids playing weren't loud. We laid out our blankets, flopped down and chatted and ate and then chatted some more.

Time passed and we kept on talking.

Twilight settled, stars came out, the grass was green and you could smell the freshness of the earth.

Still we talked.

We didn't leave the park until 11 p.m.

It was a perfect ending to an otherwise hectic day.

I need to go to the park more (even if it is just with a book and a blanket). I've forgotten the healing calm of being still amongst the green of grass and the blue of sky.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm getting excited.....

Got my ticket for Friday and I am ready to go!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, it isn't the best shot ever but if you SKEPTICS look down on the right in the "about me" section there is a shot of me and my new hair color. I admit I am standing under about the most unflattering lights ever trying to get something to light up my hair enough so you can see the color really isn't that strong of a color me, the red isn't as red as it looks and it melts into brown which melts into black.

I know the picture stinks (I don't think I was fully awake when I snapped it this morning but that's besides the point). Anyway, feel free to click on it and it will open into a larger image for your perusal.

Blue Sky Series Concert

My first Blue Sky Series concert...and what a concert it was. I honestly hadn't even heard of this thing, but its apparently been going on for awhile. For those as clueless as I, its a series of free concerts performed in Provo's Pioneer Park on Mondays through the summer. My friend Cynthia sent me an email about it while she was still on vacation and pretty much mentioned she expected me to be there. I admit that I really only went because I hadn't seen her for nearly two months since she's been up at their cabin in Alaska...NOT because of Tingstad and Rumbel. I knew my brother liked their stuff and I am fairly certain that Jason left a bunch of their music on his computer when I bought it from him, but I didn't take the time to listen to any of it before I headed off to the park.

What a performance. I knew that Cynthia made the ocaranas that Nancy Rumbel played in concert but I didn't know just how much I liked the ocarana until Nancy whipped hers out and started to play. Wow. I was swaying to the music and tapping my feet all the way through the concert.

Cynthia was surprised to hear Nancy announce her as the ocarana artist and she asked Cynthia to stand up. Eric Tingstad ended up breaking a guitar string during a really hot spanish number and, as he strung a new one after the song was over, Nancy started talking about their history together and how she got into playing the ocarana and her other instruments. She then took a couple of questions from the audience. A couple of people asked where they could get ocaranas or ocarana lessons and Nancy promptly referred them back to Cynthia. I think she did get some honest approaches after the concert from people about purchasing instruments and getting lessons! Apparently she and Nancy had spent the morning and part of the afternoon just playing with the various ocaranas that Cynthia had and tuning them up.

After the concert I got to meet Nancy and Eric and got this picture of them with Cynthia (she's on the left)...bummer but I caught Eric with his eyes closed. They were both very nice people and signed the Christmas CD I had purchased and we all stood around for awhile just talking as the dusk settled and the moon soared overhead. Yes, it was that picturesque.

All-in-all I am very glad that I went. I had fun, I spent time with my friend and her family enjoying a perfect summer evening in the park...and took some good crowd shots to boot.

Oh, and Jase? Even though you didn't know I did it....thanks for the loan of the folding lawn chair!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shawna's Summer Movie Review #3

Okay....I was all ready to expect some silliness here and yes I got it (more on that in a moment). What I was not prepared for was the amazing 3D effects. Some (Brendan Fraser spitting his toothpaste out) has you thinking "ewwwwwwwww" while others (dandelion fluffs that float right past you) had to wanting to reach out and touch them. This is DEFINATELY a theater experience as I think you would lose a lot of the effects on the small screen.

Back to the silliness: okay, parts of this movie will have you laughing along, others will have you jump in your seat, and a few will probably have you groaning aloud over how improbable the storyline really is. The thing is you really don't pay attention to some storyline flaws because you are having so much fun along the way. There is, however, one definate Indiana Jones homage (actually done better than the original) but I will allow you to find that one on your own.

Oh, be sure to get there early as the previews are in 3D as well which was a lot of fun!

All in all? I will definately see it in the theater again (my friend Tara wasn't able to go with me last night) and I will probably get the DVD since it really was a fun little trip into a fantasy world.

Shawna's Summer Movies Review #2

Three little words: GO SEE IT.

The one liners in this movie are more than worth it: "One does not wash one's (arm)pits in the pool of scattered tears" still makes me giggle and I saw this movie 2 weeks ago!

Okay, Dreamworks has actually impressed me this time. I admit, going in I was thinking "Jack Black in an animated feature? Sure he's energetic enough but do I really want to sit here for an hour and a half of Jack being...well...Jack?" I was amazed. The only other Jack Black feature I liked was "King Kong" and for that he really reined his personality back. "Panda" however has you laughing along as you follow Po in his so unlikely dream of being a kung fu master.

Unlike "Road to El Dorado" with its off-screen sex scene or "Shrek" with its Lord Farquad boner (among other things), "Panda" manages to get entirely through the film without one wink-wink, nudge-nudge sexual impropriety and frankly, its about time. Finally, a movie that will not have parents thinking "man I hope the kids didn't catch THAT little reference!"

I don't want to give anything away but this one will stick with you....defintely see it in the theater and then rush out to buy it once its available on DVD: you aren't going to get tired of this instant classic.

New toys...

I went to Michaels Crafts today and bought some new toys for myself. I bought a push mold set, some air dry clay and a bunch of paints. Why? Because of something I saw on Etsy that I think I can expand on and make way cool. Of course, 9/10's of the fun is playing with it in the first place but I think I could have some very happy family members this holiday if I pull it off (well, the gals anyway!)

What can I say...its a talent thing!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I was shanghaied on my way to class last night.

A man in a white coat pulled me from the hallway, demanded the answer all sort of personal questions and then took me to a room of abject torture. Occupants were placed in uncomfortable seats, grilled time and again as to their name, date of birth and social security numbers before the real torture began.

Two seats away from me a young man lay in a swoon; another man in a white coat rushed over and revived the prisoner but it was obvious that he was not the same person anymore as his voice slurred and his sentences were incoherent. He had given all he could but it was not enough...they turned on me.

I was confused. Blindly responding, once again, as to my name I was suddenly reminded of military hostages giving only name, rank and serial number and I was detirmined to stand firm and not spill my secrets to this hostile force. A needle was shoved in my arm and felt my determination to resist draining from me. Five of the longest minutes of my life passed before my torturer got what he had come for: a pint of my blood.

Chalk up one more pint for the American Red Cross.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Once again with the hair....

Well. Hmmmmmm(scratches head). Okay.

I did it again. You'd think by now I would have learned my lesson, accepted my fate and just waited awhile until my hair color either faded or grew out. Nope. Not me.I just had to scamper off to Rite Aide (no I am not endorsing them or condemning them--just stating a fact) and buy some "Color Oops" Extra Industrial Strength Hair Dye Remover (repeat on the Rite Aide comment).

Followed the instructions to the freaking T....dry hair? check. Evenly disbursed? check. Allow 20 minutes to permeate hair? check. Shampoo and rinse at least twice? double check.

I step out of the shower and see a bit of red and a lot of black. Freaking poo! I took one disgusted look at my hair, said "screw it" and dragged my tired butt off to bed, wet hair and all. Cue to the next morning. I get up, shower, blow dry my mess out wishing I didn't have to go to class tonight looking all freaky when I paused and took a good look at what I had done to myself.

Wow. I have a faded, natural looking red at the top of my head which graduates into a pretty brown which graduates to black at the ends. If I was 10 years younger I'd feel pretty funky and trendy about now. It looks deliberate! It looks a toned down and not "look at me!" screaming kind of way. In other words: I LIKE IT! It will only look good for a few weeks or a month at most until my natural color starts to grow out but, for the moment, I am hip baby!

Too bad it was all by accident.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Overdue general update....

Sorry I haven't been posting lately but I have been posting quite a bit on my other blog (chronicles of my journey from fat to skinnier). Anyway, that's no excuse, so I thought I would dump out one big "catch up" blog.

Hmmmm, where to start? Well, I am now stuck with hair that is a soft black. While better than the strawberry blond thing it still looks bad but for the moment I am just living with it. I really don't want to mess with it right now, but will probably get some hair dye remover and try getting all of the color out of my hair next weekend (that or I will find out how much a professional will charge me to do it).

Had a good fourth of July; went to Jase's and BBQd up some ribs with some friends and watched "Jumper" (which was okay...good idea, not the best execution but Jamie Bell, as always, was fun to watch!) The friends headed out to their own festivities and Jase and I watched the first couple of episodes of "Smallville" since I really haven't seen the show. I think I could stand to watch a few more. Then off for home around midnight without seeing any fireworks and off to bed.

Got up Saturday and patched up the hem on Jase's pants and then headed over to his place around 11 to go to the Freedom Festival together. Kind of disappointing, but there was a duo onstage that call themselves "SINGLE" that were just heavenly vocalizing together so I bought their CD. We went to the Trolley Car in Springville for a late lunch/early dinner before I headed home for awhile. Annie and I ran to JoAnne's Fabrics so she could get some material for a baby blanket she's making and I ended up buying a bunch of craft organizers since they were all half off. Now I just have to organize all of my buttons, beads and sundry small items into them! Actually, I really am glad that I got them; if I really am going to start selling my bracelets I have got to have some sort of organization to all of the stuff I will be putting into them.

Went to the late show at Comedy Sportz with Tara (Jase was Mr. Voice that night) and enjoyed a hysterically funny show....they really were in great form that night! Afterwards, Tara, Jase, two friends of his and I all went to Village Inn for a late night gathering and stayed there for nearly an hour and a half...seriously, I did not get home until 2 in the morning and then talked with Lucie for another half an hour before I finally dozed off.....and managed to not make it to church at 9 this morning (gee, I wonder why?)

Today I made a kick butt Shawna-style kind of Mulagetawny soup that turned out really good (yum! leftovers!) and then thought I was taking an hour nap that stretched into around 3 hours! What can I say but I was tired...

And now? Well, after finishing this post I am cleaning up my room. I am embarassed to say I have not folded laundry for 2 weeks now and keep transfering it from my chair to my bed. I also need to transfer craft books and magazines onto the bookshelf in my room so they will be handy and just generally organize myself enough so I can not only move around in my room, but so I can find stuff as well!

Bummer that I have to go back to work tomorrow. Jase is out of town and I have no plans now so this would be the perfect time to start going through my craft boxes in the shed and bring in the stuff I want! Oh well, I guess I can always work on that next weekend.