Sunday, July 6, 2008

Overdue general update....

Sorry I haven't been posting lately but I have been posting quite a bit on my other blog (chronicles of my journey from fat to skinnier). Anyway, that's no excuse, so I thought I would dump out one big "catch up" blog.

Hmmmm, where to start? Well, I am now stuck with hair that is a soft black. While better than the strawberry blond thing it still looks bad but for the moment I am just living with it. I really don't want to mess with it right now, but will probably get some hair dye remover and try getting all of the color out of my hair next weekend (that or I will find out how much a professional will charge me to do it).

Had a good fourth of July; went to Jase's and BBQd up some ribs with some friends and watched "Jumper" (which was okay...good idea, not the best execution but Jamie Bell, as always, was fun to watch!) The friends headed out to their own festivities and Jase and I watched the first couple of episodes of "Smallville" since I really haven't seen the show. I think I could stand to watch a few more. Then off for home around midnight without seeing any fireworks and off to bed.

Got up Saturday and patched up the hem on Jase's pants and then headed over to his place around 11 to go to the Freedom Festival together. Kind of disappointing, but there was a duo onstage that call themselves "SINGLE" that were just heavenly vocalizing together so I bought their CD. We went to the Trolley Car in Springville for a late lunch/early dinner before I headed home for awhile. Annie and I ran to JoAnne's Fabrics so she could get some material for a baby blanket she's making and I ended up buying a bunch of craft organizers since they were all half off. Now I just have to organize all of my buttons, beads and sundry small items into them! Actually, I really am glad that I got them; if I really am going to start selling my bracelets I have got to have some sort of organization to all of the stuff I will be putting into them.

Went to the late show at Comedy Sportz with Tara (Jase was Mr. Voice that night) and enjoyed a hysterically funny show....they really were in great form that night! Afterwards, Tara, Jase, two friends of his and I all went to Village Inn for a late night gathering and stayed there for nearly an hour and a half...seriously, I did not get home until 2 in the morning and then talked with Lucie for another half an hour before I finally dozed off.....and managed to not make it to church at 9 this morning (gee, I wonder why?)

Today I made a kick butt Shawna-style kind of Mulagetawny soup that turned out really good (yum! leftovers!) and then thought I was taking an hour nap that stretched into around 3 hours! What can I say but I was tired...

And now? Well, after finishing this post I am cleaning up my room. I am embarassed to say I have not folded laundry for 2 weeks now and keep transfering it from my chair to my bed. I also need to transfer craft books and magazines onto the bookshelf in my room so they will be handy and just generally organize myself enough so I can not only move around in my room, but so I can find stuff as well!

Bummer that I have to go back to work tomorrow. Jase is out of town and I have no plans now so this would be the perfect time to start going through my craft boxes in the shed and bring in the stuff I want! Oh well, I guess I can always work on that next weekend.


Kris said...

You do seem to have fun..and by the way what is Mulagetawny soup?

shoezimm said...

Well, for starters I spelled it wrong...its Mulligatawny (whoops!) and it can be made a lot of ways. Essentially its a thick veggie and meat soup with rice or noodles in it. Mine was rice with roast beef, rice, carrots, kidney beans, lima beans, corn, cocktail onions, peas and green beans. I never make it the same way twice because I usually add whatever I have and whatever I feel like at the time.