Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ultimate Weight Loss Never-Fail Plan

Is called food poisoning.

Not fun. Really not fun. 3 days of nothing staying down but a very few liquids (and I mean VERY few...I was literally dying of thirst here....I couldn't stop thinking about how thirsty I was). Yes I know I need insurance...the employer is checking into it but I can't afford to go in for an IV drip to replace fluids without it, so I didn't. Yes, I know that I am stupid for not doing so. I honestly think if this had gone on for another day I would have said to heck with the urgent care charges and gone anyway. It doesn't help that the swamp cooler in my office hasn't been working properly and that its hovered between 80 and 90 degrees in there for the last couple of days...of course I was thinking about water!

Lost at least 7 pounds. I am not at work today (Pioneer Day) so I didn't hop on the scale this morning but between Monday and Wednesday I lost 6.5 lbs and I feel like I've definately lost a little more between yesterday and today.

So not the way I wanted to lose weight since I know it was all water and muscle. Thankfully the Cheerios I tried this morning (yum...multi-grain goodness, but then after this much time even cardboard would probably taste good!)seems to be agreeing with my stomach so I have some soup heating up at the moment.

Weird thing this morning is I can actually feel that I am smaller and I actually feel really good and energized today. Probably because I started holding down liquids last night and started tanking up on water and apple juice. Has anyone done a long fast before? I've heard that you feel great after a few days (not that I plan to do it myself but I was just wondering if this was a similar feeling).

Oh, and I won't be eating chinese food again for awhile OR hot dogs from a convenience store, since one or the other are the culprit (I'm leaning towards the chinese food since I didn't get it home quite fast enough).


Miya said...

Remember back when I was in high school and I lost all that weight? Believe it or not, I probably wouldn't have gotten there if I hadn't gotten food poisoning that Christmas. I was super sick the week before and couldn't keep anything down. By the time Christmas Day rolled around and all the fam was there, I was able to eat just a little bit of the dinner Mom had made, but I had ended up losing 8 lbs and that's actually what spurred me into losing the rest of it. Awful way to jump start a diet, but it worked!

Kris said...

I agree with Miya, jump starting is a way to get into a diet. And why were you eating a hotdog at a convenience store???? I had food poisoning twice in England, from my own work! The headache I had after that was almost as bad as the throwing up. Hope you feel better!!!

Danielle said...

Not fun!! Dont you love the food aversions you get from puking??!! For my mom and me its Chili dogs and mint chip ice cream. That was NOT a fun night for us!!! (and that was even 16 years ago!!)
I'm glad you're starting to feel better!!!

shoezimm said...

Thanks everyone....I feel great now. And as for the "jump start" well I'd already had one when I gave up pop and magically lost 6 pounds. Now that I am re-hydrated I noticed that most of the food-poisoning weight loss is back but I am still less than before so it all adds up! 10 lbs down and a couple million to go! Oh, and Miya...I remember that Christmas. Arlene kept rubbing in the incredible self control you were keeping yourself to for the holiday and how I should learn from your example. it was just food poisoning after all!