Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blue Sky Series Concert

My first Blue Sky Series concert...and what a concert it was. I honestly hadn't even heard of this thing, but its apparently been going on for awhile. For those as clueless as I, its a series of free concerts performed in Provo's Pioneer Park on Mondays through the summer. My friend Cynthia sent me an email about it while she was still on vacation and pretty much mentioned she expected me to be there. I admit that I really only went because I hadn't seen her for nearly two months since she's been up at their cabin in Alaska...NOT because of Tingstad and Rumbel. I knew my brother liked their stuff and I am fairly certain that Jason left a bunch of their music on his computer when I bought it from him, but I didn't take the time to listen to any of it before I headed off to the park.

What a performance. I knew that Cynthia made the ocaranas that Nancy Rumbel played in concert but I didn't know just how much I liked the ocarana until Nancy whipped hers out and started to play. Wow. I was swaying to the music and tapping my feet all the way through the concert.

Cynthia was surprised to hear Nancy announce her as the ocarana artist and she asked Cynthia to stand up. Eric Tingstad ended up breaking a guitar string during a really hot spanish number and, as he strung a new one after the song was over, Nancy started talking about their history together and how she got into playing the ocarana and her other instruments. She then took a couple of questions from the audience. A couple of people asked where they could get ocaranas or ocarana lessons and Nancy promptly referred them back to Cynthia. I think she did get some honest approaches after the concert from people about purchasing instruments and getting lessons! Apparently she and Nancy had spent the morning and part of the afternoon just playing with the various ocaranas that Cynthia had and tuning them up.

After the concert I got to meet Nancy and Eric and got this picture of them with Cynthia (she's on the left)...bummer but I caught Eric with his eyes closed. They were both very nice people and signed the Christmas CD I had purchased and we all stood around for awhile just talking as the dusk settled and the moon soared overhead. Yes, it was that picturesque.

All-in-all I am very glad that I went. I had fun, I spent time with my friend and her family enjoying a perfect summer evening in the park...and took some good crowd shots to boot.

Oh, and Jase? Even though you didn't know I did it....thanks for the loan of the folding lawn chair!

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Teachinfourth said...

Tingstad & Rumbel played and I missed it?