Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Movie Review: X-Files

I wanted to believe....I really did.

Unless you're the biggest die-hard fan of the original series and just HAVE TO KNOW what Scully and Mulder did with their post-FBI lives, don't bother.

The story is confusing at first as to what their relationship is (even to us die-hard fans who own every episode). Scully's side-story has nothing to do with the main storyline and is a distraction and listening to her whine non-stop to Mulder about how she isn't an agent anymore really gets on your nerves.

Neither Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny seem interested in being on the screen and are just caricatures of their former television roles. While Mulder and Scully get in some great one-liners most of them are of a sexual nature and this movie is definately not appropriate for little tykes who will not only fail to follow the storyline (or even be interested) but there are some very gory elements.

Most upsetting is the ending. For an "X-file" the storyline uses what was real (and disturbing) research but there is nothing really supernatural going fact the bad guy is introduced (and you know its him) about 20 minutes into the film. It would have been uber-creepy to tell us in detail more about the research rather than a quick flash of printed documents and a dark and unrevealing zip through the scene-of-the-crime. The one television cameo is great...but by the time you get to the surprise you wonder if it was originally written in the script or a last-minute addition to boost a waning audiences attention and to distract you from the fact that the answer literally falls into Scully and Mulder's laps.

End result? An overly long episode that you wouldn't bother to watch again when there are so many better episodes to choose from. Oh, and Chris? You shouldn't have killed off the Lone Gunmen in Season 9 as a wrap-up of the brilliant-but-cancelled spin-off...having those guys running around spouting off their crazy conspiracy theories really could have pulled your movie out of the fire.

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Teachinfourth said...

I agree, far too much suckage...