Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twi-hards get ready....

For those of us silly romantic idiots who actually like Twilight get out your calendars and circle June 5th with a heart because "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" comes out that day. Bree is one of the newborn vampires who has a very short part in "Eclipse" and this novella apparently will be covering her back/story.

Its not much....but at least its something new to read until Stephanie decides whether she will ever finish "Midnight Sun".

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oops....I did it again.

I am a very silly girl sometimes.


I never seem to recall certain mistakes of the past....therefore, I am doomed to repeat them.

I am talking about my hair. My hair color to be specific.

I decided I needed to color again (darn gray!) and decided to go a darker brown.....honestly forgetting the tragedy that struck the last time I picked up a dark brown.

I dyed my hair, let it dry and was (once again) surprised to see that my hair turned nearly black (NOT a good color on me) and that my dye-resistant gray hairs were even more noticeable...especially now that they are starting to come in as streaks at my temples. Unlike last time, however, I will not be running out and grabbing a dye removal kit.

Its time I learned to live with my mistakes.

Besides, it really doesn't look THAT bad....its just a bit of a shock for a gal who has dyed her hair lighter for so long. When I take the time to blow out my perm and curl it into a decent style it looks kind of good (admittedly this doesn't happen very often as it consumes way too much time in the morning).

So, at least for the next few weeks (when the novelty wears off and my color starts growing out) I'll be a dark brunette. After that its anyone's guess.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well my PC is back and apparently running now.

I let the son-in-law of one of my bosses take it home with him (he does PC work) and he just brought it back in today.

Apparently it had a buttload of virus issues, some file storage problems and bad RAM. Oh, and the new fan isn't connecting properly to the motherboard so the board thinks the fan isn't operating.

$85 bucks later it has a smaller RAM (1GB) installed....but can apparently take up to 3 if I decide to upgrade it down the line. The virus' are now removed and I apparently have some files that have been moved around in an effort to stop confusing the computer.

I may have lost my games...I won't know until I get it home and hook it back up.

.....2 hours until I am off for the day......

Hooray! Playing with the PC tonight!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

!@*)#&_!_%? computer

Well its official. My desktop computer is legally dead. The new fan works great....but the freaking thing still refuses to boot up.

Its really most sincerely dead.

Its not really that big of a surprise since its been "under construction" for a year and a half now. I've almost forgotten all of the gems that were on it that will fall on the wayside.

Luckily I have a fantabulous brother-in-law who just so happens to be a computer god/geek/what-have-you who has graciously agreed to "think about it" and then will offer up what he thinks will be the best bang for my buck.

Preferably under $500...but as I already have a still awesome monitor, working keyboard, mouse, speakers and cables, the cost of one tower only shouldn't be TOO bad.

The suckage is in the fact that I had some good programs on my old computer that I really do not want to pay for again.

Curse you desktop computer.....

Wanting a cephalopod for my very very own....

Its cute crap like this that have me wishing I knew how to follow knitting patterns.

Anyone want to whip me up one of these little darlings? The pattern is free online and can be found here.

The site is knitty.com and they have many other cute (and free!) patterns available for anyone who is interested.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update

Hey everyone....Happy Monday.

Yes, I am still energetic....and the cold is doing much better. I am not coughing anywhere near as much as I was and my taste buds are partially online again. Online enough that I was able to enjoy the chili...though I added way to much cayenne pepper because I couldn't taste it properly until it had simmered for awhile (whoops!) Oh well, it was still incredibly tasty, just a bit spicier than usual. Jase had requested raspberry crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert so I made a small one. I only had a small serving but oh it was delicious! Happy memories of childhood summers in a dish...yum!

I actually got a lot done this weekend....organized my cupboards, did some cleaning, went through some stuff in my room and tossed junk that should have been tossed awhile ago. Tonight I am going through some more storage containers in my room, finally hang the sisters picture I had framed (since its smaller than the one I am pulling off the wall this means that I will have to reorganize the picture wall). I also need to clear out my desk as I am hoping that freaking fan for my desktop will finally be in (delay, delay and more delays). Oh well, I have been without my desktop for over a year-and-a-half now.....a few more days won't kill me.

What else.....ah, the camera. I have seriously got to learn how to change the aperature setting....and learn what setting to use at what light levels. The stuff I shot from my car (I told myself it was too cold to wander about when I was sick) were too dark. The snowflake macros would have been great except the snow was clumping so much that I didn't get any one clear snowflake (which is what I had been aiming for). No biggie....I will try that one again next winter. There were a few salvageable shots out of the ones I shot, which I will post later (they are on my laptop and I'm currently on the computer at work). I still love the camera though and am having fun playing with it. I think I should start looking around though for a lens that will work for automatic settings to work in conjuction with this manual one.

Heading to the library tonight....I had forgotten a new Temeraire book had come out last year and so I have it on hold. I love new reading material....especially when its from a series I already know and love. I need to branch out and find new authors to read since the ones I love just aren't churning out material fast enough, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Love to all and have a wonderful day gang!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Its been a funny, funny day

Today has been a days of extremes, let me tell you.

Woke up to a foot and a half of snow on my car.....and the snow still coming down. It was absolutely gorgeous and I took a few moments after clearing the car taking macro shots of snowflakes falling onto my scarf (more on that tomorrow when I blog about the new camera). The snowflakes have now, at the day's close, stopped falling and have all but completely melted away and are fast becoming mere memories.

I slushed my way into work, making the mistake of stopping at the gas station for a bottle of orange juice (forgetting I have umpteen bottles of juice at home). I stepped out of the car into a small lake that threatened to flood over the top of my new tennis shoes...but thankfully didn't. My feet managed to stay nice and dry today, which is great since my cold is still hanging in there. I can breathe through my nose just fine but Istill can't smell anything. I had strong french onion soup last night (seriously, I chucked a whole onion into that stock!)...couldn't taste it at all. The orange juice could have been clams for all my now useless taste buds knew. The jalepeno popper I grabbed just to test the 'buds this morning? Nada, Niente, Nothing......a mild sensation of some heat on the back of the tongue and nothing more.

Work was a zoo as we are heading full steam ahead into the summer selling market and all of our local boys are placing large orders that need to be filled pronto. The gladly received (but with really lousy timing) of an assembly order for 6500 switches promises to fill the next few weeks with overtime. Mini crisis turns into mini meltdown between customers and vendors and yet the world keeps on turning.

And me?

Still happy, still full of energy, still feeling amazingly invigorated.

I look forward to the weekend and the promise of a huge pot of chili on Sunday....lets hope I can taste it.

I love my chili.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Roll with it baby!

Today is a good day....no.....correct that.... today is a freaking amazingly GREAT day.

No real reason....in fact, I shouldn't be this sunny.

For starters: its rainy/sleeting outside (okay, that doesn't really work since gray and rainy does perk me up), but I do have a cold that is making me cough, hack and drain like crazy.

For some reason today though I woke up, went about my usual routine (shower, feed cats, get ready for work) feeling okay... but then suddenly had this charge of energy.

I felt amazing.....in a coughing, wheezing, nose-draining kind of way.

The great part is that is hasn't gone away. This morning Bill and I pulled together a few billion boxes of screws, tore apart containers of connectors and repackaged them for a customer. Once that was done I received and sorted a string of deliveries, shipped out orders, finished up a spreadsheet of new product we carry....and I am still going strong.

I'd say I must have eaten an amazing breakfast but I didn't have one (breakfast I mean). The best I can say for breakfast is that I remembered to take my one-a-day vitamins and I had a couple bites of a pb&j sandwich before I got too busy. Lunch was splitting a ft-long tuna sub Bill got us at Subway, but I didn't eat even half of my half. I feel great....and for the first time in a long time I don't have the munchies.

Okay, that part on its own is pretty stinking amazing. I can't remember a time when I didn't have the munchies.

Hmmm....maybe the diet is starting to kick in?

Oh, and the water thing is going stronger than ever.....and yes Miya, I am sloshing!

Sloshing and smiling.....though I am not 100% why I've decided to do as the song says and just Roll with It Baby!