Thursday, March 4, 2010

Roll with it baby!

Today is a good that.... today is a freaking amazingly GREAT day.

No real fact, I shouldn't be this sunny.

For starters: its rainy/sleeting outside (okay, that doesn't really work since gray and rainy does perk me up), but I do have a cold that is making me cough, hack and drain like crazy.

For some reason today though I woke up, went about my usual routine (shower, feed cats, get ready for work) feeling okay... but then suddenly had this charge of energy.

I felt a coughing, wheezing, nose-draining kind of way.

The great part is that is hasn't gone away. This morning Bill and I pulled together a few billion boxes of screws, tore apart containers of connectors and repackaged them for a customer. Once that was done I received and sorted a string of deliveries, shipped out orders, finished up a spreadsheet of new product we carry....and I am still going strong.

I'd say I must have eaten an amazing breakfast but I didn't have one (breakfast I mean). The best I can say for breakfast is that I remembered to take my one-a-day vitamins and I had a couple bites of a pb&j sandwich before I got too busy. Lunch was splitting a ft-long tuna sub Bill got us at Subway, but I didn't eat even half of my half. I feel great....and for the first time in a long time I don't have the munchies.

Okay, that part on its own is pretty stinking amazing. I can't remember a time when I didn't have the munchies.

Hmmm....maybe the diet is starting to kick in?

Oh, and the water thing is going stronger than ever.....and yes Miya, I am sloshing!

Sloshing and smiling.....though I am not 100% why I've decided to do as the song says and just Roll with It Baby!


Teachinfourth said...

Just don't forget how you felt today tomorrow if you aren't feeling it...

mywest said...

Glad your day was so great!!! What if you felt this way daily??? Hope you do....