Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well my PC is back and apparently running now.

I let the son-in-law of one of my bosses take it home with him (he does PC work) and he just brought it back in today.

Apparently it had a buttload of virus issues, some file storage problems and bad RAM. Oh, and the new fan isn't connecting properly to the motherboard so the board thinks the fan isn't operating.

$85 bucks later it has a smaller RAM (1GB) installed....but can apparently take up to 3 if I decide to upgrade it down the line. The virus' are now removed and I apparently have some files that have been moved around in an effort to stop confusing the computer.

I may have lost my games...I won't know until I get it home and hook it back up.

.....2 hours until I am off for the day......

Hooray! Playing with the PC tonight!


Teachinfourth said...


Well, it's back now though…that's the important thing, right?

♥Miya said...

Of course it had a buttload of viruses. It's running Windows.

Yancy said...

Just sent you an email with links to a few posts/articles you may want to read about some "good"** apps for keeping that machine running.

**how would I know if they're "good" or not, both computers in our house are Macs.