Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oops....I did it again.

I am a very silly girl sometimes.


I never seem to recall certain mistakes of the past....therefore, I am doomed to repeat them.

I am talking about my hair. My hair color to be specific.

I decided I needed to color again (darn gray!) and decided to go a darker brown.....honestly forgetting the tragedy that struck the last time I picked up a dark brown.

I dyed my hair, let it dry and was (once again) surprised to see that my hair turned nearly black (NOT a good color on me) and that my dye-resistant gray hairs were even more noticeable...especially now that they are starting to come in as streaks at my temples. Unlike last time, however, I will not be running out and grabbing a dye removal kit.

Its time I learned to live with my mistakes.

Besides, it really doesn't look THAT bad....its just a bit of a shock for a gal who has dyed her hair lighter for so long. When I take the time to blow out my perm and curl it into a decent style it looks kind of good (admittedly this doesn't happen very often as it consumes way too much time in the morning).

So, at least for the next few weeks (when the novelty wears off and my color starts growing out) I'll be a dark brunette. After that its anyone's guess.


♥Miya said...

Wait you practically kill me for pulling out one of your first grays like a million years ago and now you cover them up?

No matter how pretty that deep chocolaty color looks on the box it never turns out that way. You have to go two shades lighter or else it goes black.

Corine said...

Where's the photo? :) You're so beautiful... I'm sure you look great in any color.

Love ya! ;)

mywest said...

Maybe I need to cover my gray...Ha Ha, I don't think so!!!
Love, Dad