Monday, August 29, 2011


Monday - Work. Run to Store. Run dinner to Richard. Tidy up for guests (Richard's sister and BIL). Pick up guests at airport (9:30 pm). Take home. Make up a late dinner (thank you crock pot!) Entertain until Richard gets home (midnight). Go home.

Tuesday - Wake up tired. Work late. Richard runs family up to SLC for conference.

Wednesday - Work. Take Richard dinner. Feel sick.... both he and I spend night up with the flu.

Thursday - Home sick with the flu.

Friday - Still a little queasy, but feeling better. Work 11 hours (ugh!). Go home.

Saturday - Finally see Captain American (loved it!) Go grocery shopping. Relax at apartment while waiting to pick up family in SLC after conference. Drive to SLC.... wait an hour (conference ran over). Drive back to apartment and cook dinner for family and family friend. Watch some Doctor Who.... start feeling sick again.... go home.... up most of the night.

Sunday - Drive to apartment at 6am, make breakfast. Richard and I take his family to airport. Go to my work to clean the office, since our gal who normally cleans is on vacation. Feeling sick again... miss church. Rest at apartment and cross stitch while Richard tries to sleep it off. Make dinner. Rot brains out with cross stitch and multiple episodes of Supernatural in-between restroom visits. Go home.

Monday - start work week over again......but I am starting to feel good again.... lets hope it lasts.

Wow... it seems like all I did last week was either have the flu (we seem to be passing it back and forth, so I think we need to lay off the kissing for a few days) and cook. Oh, and we did a bit of playing chauffeur. Not much accomplished at the end of the day except some well-fed family, a clean apartment and I seem to have dropped a couple of pounds of water weight (which will quickly bounce back I am sure)...that and I got pretty far on my sister's birthday cross stitch....

I mentioned on FB that I may have cracked a bone in my arm... think its confirmed now. I still have a large and tender lump just below my elbow and its been a week now... stupid thing is still pretty sore, so I am still being careful not to bump my arm into anything, which isn't as easy as you think since its my left arm and I keep bumping it on the door while I drive.

The jury is still out on if it was a good week or not.... I admit though that I am looking forward to not having to "go home" at the end of the day.... I like the idea that if I am tired or not feeling good I can just go to bed and not have to get in the car and drive to get to that bed......

Friday, August 26, 2011

I literally started salivating when I saw this....

Oh. My. Holy. Dickens.

I am in love.....

I am in love.....

I am in love.....

...with just how amazingly AWESOME (and I don't use that word often!) this is..... I even like the bare bones lampshade!

Here's a link to how it was done.

Ooohhhhh I want!

Now to decide which books have to sacrifice themselves for this little baby....

I am thinking of a somewhat-matched set of lamps!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

I love it when I have no idea what's coming....

...well, not always, but, in this case.... oh yeah

Pleasant surprise today in discovering that yet another Underworld movie has been made and that this one will be out in January. Of course, its a completely different sort of storyline, and while Selene seems to be searching for Michael, Scott Speedwell is not listed on the casting sheet on imdb. And, of course, the incomparable Michael Sheen will not be involved (bummer!) but the trailer looks fairly interesting.... there is just something about Kate Beckinsale kicking butt that makes me want to see a film. Toss in vampires and werewolves and I will certainly be there!

Judge for yourself.... here is the teaser trailer:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sorry everyone for not posting lately on either blog.... (yes sweet SIL, I have the road trip blog done except for adding some photos.... look for it tomorrow!)

Life has been busy....

The beau and I arrived in Utah on the 7th, after a hot and grueling road trip that took us through 4 southern states in the middle of summer.... without a working air conditioner! My poor right arm is still peeling from the burn....

Last week was move, move, move.... move stuff in so Richard would have furniture and kitchen stuff..... we've borrowed the truck from work twice now (and will again this weekend) to move over some of the larger items, and the apartment is starting to look like a home. There is still a lot to move over, but we still have plenty of time, so I am not worrying about it as much as I was.

Richard started training at his new job yesterday (Hooray! Originally he wasn't supposed to start for another two weeks, but they managed to squeeze him into an earlier training class). He is over the moon for it, since he will be in computer geek services, helping to troubleshoot operating systems, which is what he loves to do. I am happy that he's managed to find something that will not only pay him something decent, but is something he will truly enjoy.

I also ran to Michaels Crafts yesterday to pick up some embroidery floss for a cross stitch piece my sister wants for her birthday. With Richard at class tonight (3:30 to Midnight.... ouch!) I will take him dinner on his lunch break.... otherwise the evening is mine.... so I will see how far I get on the stitching tonight. It doesn't look like it will take more than a week of evenings, so I should have it done in plenty of time. I haven't been uber crafty for awhile (seeing as most of it is still all packed up) so I am looking forward to a nice session of getting my crafting groove on.

I know Richard is really hoping I will find the box in the basement that has my silverware in it (he's using a lot of plastic pieces and the one or two silverware pieces I scrounged from the house). I admit I am more interested in hauling over my boxes of fabric and setting up my fabric rack and sewing machine (sorry baby!) I think that after work this week I will take over a few crafty boxes each night, so that way I won't be frustrated when we focus on "real boxes" on Saturday.