Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update

Hey everyone....Happy Monday.

Yes, I am still energetic....and the cold is doing much better. I am not coughing anywhere near as much as I was and my taste buds are partially online again. Online enough that I was able to enjoy the chili...though I added way to much cayenne pepper because I couldn't taste it properly until it had simmered for awhile (whoops!) Oh well, it was still incredibly tasty, just a bit spicier than usual. Jase had requested raspberry crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert so I made a small one. I only had a small serving but oh it was delicious! Happy memories of childhood summers in a dish...yum!

I actually got a lot done this weekend....organized my cupboards, did some cleaning, went through some stuff in my room and tossed junk that should have been tossed awhile ago. Tonight I am going through some more storage containers in my room, finally hang the sisters picture I had framed (since its smaller than the one I am pulling off the wall this means that I will have to reorganize the picture wall). I also need to clear out my desk as I am hoping that freaking fan for my desktop will finally be in (delay, delay and more delays). Oh well, I have been without my desktop for over a year-and-a-half now.....a few more days won't kill me.

What else.....ah, the camera. I have seriously got to learn how to change the aperature setting....and learn what setting to use at what light levels. The stuff I shot from my car (I told myself it was too cold to wander about when I was sick) were too dark. The snowflake macros would have been great except the snow was clumping so much that I didn't get any one clear snowflake (which is what I had been aiming for). No biggie....I will try that one again next winter. There were a few salvageable shots out of the ones I shot, which I will post later (they are on my laptop and I'm currently on the computer at work). I still love the camera though and am having fun playing with it. I think I should start looking around though for a lens that will work for automatic settings to work in conjuction with this manual one.

Heading to the library tonight....I had forgotten a new Temeraire book had come out last year and so I have it on hold. I love new reading material....especially when its from a series I already know and love. I need to branch out and find new authors to read since the ones I love just aren't churning out material fast enough, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Love to all and have a wonderful day gang!

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