Friday, March 5, 2010

Its been a funny, funny day

Today has been a days of extremes, let me tell you.

Woke up to a foot and a half of snow on my car.....and the snow still coming down. It was absolutely gorgeous and I took a few moments after clearing the car taking macro shots of snowflakes falling onto my scarf (more on that tomorrow when I blog about the new camera). The snowflakes have now, at the day's close, stopped falling and have all but completely melted away and are fast becoming mere memories.

I slushed my way into work, making the mistake of stopping at the gas station for a bottle of orange juice (forgetting I have umpteen bottles of juice at home). I stepped out of the car into a small lake that threatened to flood over the top of my new tennis shoes...but thankfully didn't. My feet managed to stay nice and dry today, which is great since my cold is still hanging in there. I can breathe through my nose just fine but Istill can't smell anything. I had strong french onion soup last night (seriously, I chucked a whole onion into that stock!)...couldn't taste it at all. The orange juice could have been clams for all my now useless taste buds knew. The jalepeno popper I grabbed just to test the 'buds this morning? Nada, Niente, Nothing......a mild sensation of some heat on the back of the tongue and nothing more.

Work was a zoo as we are heading full steam ahead into the summer selling market and all of our local boys are placing large orders that need to be filled pronto. The gladly received (but with really lousy timing) of an assembly order for 6500 switches promises to fill the next few weeks with overtime. Mini crisis turns into mini meltdown between customers and vendors and yet the world keeps on turning.

And me?

Still happy, still full of energy, still feeling amazingly invigorated.

I look forward to the weekend and the promise of a huge pot of chili on Sunday....lets hope I can taste it.

I love my chili.


mywest said...

Wish I could be there to enjoy the chili but you can keep the snow. Another beautiful sunny day here in Sandpoint. No snow anywhere in the yard or field. There still skiing on the mountain and I'm glad for them, just keep it out of my yard.

Corine said...

...glad to hear you're feeling so happy, full of energy, and even "amazingly invigorated." ;) I LOVE IT! :D

I've been out of town, up way to late while out of town, and glad to know that recuperation is on its way! Perhaps I too will feel "amazingly invigorated" soon! :)

Happy day to you!