Sunday, June 29, 2008

What is the appeal of hair dye anyway?

I spent like $10 and take a gamble everytime I decide I want a change, and you never know just what you are going to get. Honestly, the last time I tried red I looked like Ronald McDonald for a couple of days and then it faded into a hellishly freaky pink.

So why would I be stupid enough to try it again? Well, I have a thing for red hair...I want it. It doesn't look really all that good on me but I figure since I have red highlights naturally that at some point I am going to find the one shade that looks absolutely smashing on me. So I pick up the box, peruse the "this is what results you will get" images for brunette hair, chuck the box into the cart and found myself ten bucks poorer.

Get home, lather up the stuff, wait out the half an hour before rinsing and blowing dry. Shock. My hair is not really red but a faded, mousy, strawberry blond that makes me look completely washed out.

So now I am going to be out another ten bucks tonight buying a brunette dye to get me approximately back to my original shade, taking a risk again that not only will the new stuff be close to my old color, but will cover up this new dye as well without turning orange.

What a waste.


Miya said...

I get those $2.98 boxes of medium brown dye at WalMart and they actually work great, and give you a nice deep chocolaty color. Dark hair is a good color for us (I've tried to go blonde a few times and whoa, do I look like a dead person when I do!)

BTW...I used to be obsessed with red hair. It looks so awful on me though!

The horrible awful proof:

NY1596 said...
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annette said...

Have you tried having it professionally done? There's a place on 900 E, PM hair salon school, that I've been going to for years. They do a great job and since it's a school- at a great price.

Kris said...

I was blond for so long it took a year to get it back to my somewhat color of red/brown. I just let Madison picks the color now. She does such a good job at 9 yrs old. But I would go to a pro to get that reddish color mixed in.

Leah said...

Just this week, my roommate tried to go light blonde and ended up with all the shades of a ripening mango. Her solution: her costume wig. She wore it everywhere for nearly a week.

shoezimm said...

Miya: yeah, I am going back to chocolate....I have GOT to get this red obsession out of my head because it never works out. Sad thing is I actually liked my hair color before I dyed twisted is that?

Annette: I've thought about the professional route but I have seen some fairly bad dye jobs come out of those salons...and I don't want to come out with those freakishly unrealistic streaks they call highlights!

Kris: can I borrow Madison for a short trip to Wal-Mart? I loved your hair at the wedding and if she picked it out that girl is GOOD!

Leah!: Welcome to my blog babe...I don't have a wig; when I went pink I actually wore it to work for a couple of days to freak out my uncle because we were heading to a trade show the following week. I really didn't have a problem being seen with it since the color didn't make me look washed out but seriously, this color I have now pretty much has me looking like the walking dead (who just happened to wash up and put on makeup this morning rather than lurch around town in my manky togs)