Friday, June 13, 2008


That's least according to this new Japanese mandate which regulates the waistline of its citizens. Any man over a 33.5" waistline is considered obese and women only get a smidge more than that (try 34.6"). Measuring of the waistline is now considered routine in your examinations and you can be fined if you are over the mark...and this coming from a society without a weight problem. Can you imagine what would happen if this mandate was to be passed in America? We fatties would be marched off to weight loss concentration camps and forced to jog mile after mile on treadmills, going nowhere fast. Forget carrot cake...heck, forget carrots! The only way this girl would ever get that thin is if I lived on a strict diet of celery and water (with maybe the occasional dry rice cake for a treat).

And as far as fines go? I think I could pretty much guarantee that I'd never see a paycheck again!

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