Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Teacher update....

Last night of class with this guy!!!! Turns out he went to Portland Oregon for some reason so he wasn't at school Monday...we had a very interesting sub named John who was from Nigeria. His accent wasn't always easy to follow but he told us about customs in his culture and in cultures he'd studied across Europe and really drew us into a discussion rather than listening to the typical lecture we get from the usual instructor.

Sadly though many of my classmates talked throughout the class with eachother and several left as soon as they figured out this guy wasn't taking roll call....they weren't even appologetic about it; they just got up and walked out or keep talking amonst themselves. One guy even had his headphones on and was rocking out while playing on the internet.

I have never been so ashamed to be amongst a specific group of people and I have to admit I paid even closer attention and participated in the discussions WAY more than I would have normally to make up for the lack of respect shown that night. I think they missed a lot because, once you got past the thick accent, this guy was actually very witty and had some wonderful stuff to share. I really was interested in this class for once (its a communication class).

The biggest bummer is that the instructor didn't leave our sub with the midterm (several of us had missed class that night) so I have to take both my midterm and my final tonight.


Miya said...

I am often ashamed on behalf of the douchebaggery of others. Good on you for being so respectful and attentive!

Wow that quote totally made me sound smart! (But, by tooting my own horn of brain smarts, did I just ruin the effect of my smartiness?) :/

annette said...

It's too bad that teacher didn't demand more respect. It's a good thing I wasn't there, or I might have done it for him!

annette said...

It's the teacher in me, you know.