Sunday, July 15, 2007

she's served her time...let her go free....

Yup yup yup...I am now a free woman....after slaving for two weeks to help hire and train my replacement ( NOT going to go into that drama) I ended up working this weekend(9 hours yesterday and 7 hours today) cleaning up files and everything so the new gal won't have so many headaches to deal with her first week going solo. Damn I am tired...and excited to start my new job tomorrow. Gotta admit part of me is a wee bit sad to leave here but only because I am leaving Ronetta and Mikey...they can still call and chat here at work but I will be elsewhere...sigh.... Mike showed up today and spooked me while I was working alone, and then we went to TGI Friday's for lunch (which was really bad--sorry guys, you sucked this time!) All in all, in spite of exhaustion I feel pretty darn good! Think I'll go home, snarf down a bowl of cookies n' cream ice cream and freaking PASS OUT until tomorrow!

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