Monday, July 30, 2007

its all in how you look at it... an interesting (?) accident

Well, today was my first official "I'm a clutz" maneuver at work. I was using a Phillips screwdriver to pry apart some defective switches for recycling when the screwdriver slipped and imbedded itself about halfway through my palm. Funny but it didn't hurt at the time so I calmly pulled it out, walked to the sink and began washing it. Heading to the cupboard where we keep bandaids I looked down and noticed something thin, silky/silvery looking and about an inch long coming from my oh so lovely puncture wound. I think it was a nerve fiber! It felt weird pulling on didn't hurt, but I could feel some strange sensations along my wrist when I played with it. Don't definately hurt when I tugged hard enough to snap the sucker off!

Needless to say, I threw it away, put a bandaid on my palm and went back to work, thanking my (lucky?) stars that I'd just had a tetnus shot a month-and-a-half ago! The funny thing is that, in spite of the fact that 8 hours later my hand is stiff and freaking sore, today really was a good day at work and I got a lot accomplished. And on the plus-er side, I got to see a part of me that I never have before in a soooooooooo kewl, forensic files kind of I sick or what?


Miya said...

That's really gross. But it reminds me of the Kids in the Hall skit where Mark stubs his toe and says he didn't think anything of it until the next week when he could stick a fork in his leg and didn't feel it, but as fun as it was he was considering cutting it off.

shoezimm said... fave KITH skit is Dave's...the one where he passed medical school solely on charm and has no idea what he's don't have any seasons of KITH do you? I need to get those!

Miya said...

I have Season 1, but I rent the rest from Netflix (which is AWESOME, btw! Dave's 'bad doctor' sketch is from Season 2)

^_^ You can get Season 1 off eBay cheap. I got mine brand new for like $7!