Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dating and Deviants the title of this one caught you! No, I am not dating a deviant...not dating at all! But at least I worked up the courage to call this guy I really like (YES! Voicemail takes the heat off!) Left my name, number and asked if he wanted to catch the new Bourne movie that I know he was dying to see...which left the ball in his court. Ran home after work and cleaned up (just in case!) and OMG he called me back!!!!! Of course it was to tell me that he was in SLC at the moment and wasn't able to go to the show but that he thought it sounded like fun and was sorry he couldn't make it. Okay, here I am thinking "okay there's some hope here" when he dropped the bomb that he was thinking of buying a place in Salt Lake as he now works up there.....crap! I told him to give me a call whenever and we had a nice chat but damn I looked good good! Needless to say my little sister and I went to the show and loved it but I spent a hefty chunk of that time wishing a certain someone could have been in the seat next to me (sorry Lucie!)

Oh...and as for the deviants? I uploaded some of my photography (unphotoshopped) onto deviantart...I plan to keep uploading so check up on me every now and again...

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