Thursday, August 23, 2007

Isn't packing supposed to be hard?

Last night I had no problem packing up my junk....I popped in "Heroes" on my compy and packed as I kept half an eye on the screen....finished the last 6 episodes that way and got a LOT of stuff boxed up. I thought this was going to be incredibly hard without Lucie being around to help but, so far, not so bad. The worst bit is that I am finding oodles of black spiders in my room as I move stuff around and THAT is just bugging me to no end...just how many spiders have I been sleeping with down there?!?!?! Boxes that have only sat there for two days now have webs and someone trying to create a little home! Can we say Ewwwwwwwwwww?

Now that I've finished with Heroes I will either pop in the first season of Kids in the Hall or the first series of the original Star Trek (no Jase I haven't finished watching Voyager yet....KITH and ST I don't need to really focus on...Voyager I need to be sitting down and paying attention!) So far most of my movies, all of my cds, all of my books and everything in my (VERY BIG) closet are packed. Tonight I'll get the fabric rack, under my bed, the desks, the bathroom and my dresser. Wow....I think I may just be able to do this!


Miya said...

"We are two lounge singers and not two clearly insane people! SING YOU PRICKS!"


Jason Zimmerman said...
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Teachinfourth said...

You still haven't finished VOYAGER? What in the world is wrong with you, girl? I am amazed that you finally finished HEROES...I thought you'd have taken care of that a long time ago!

Yancy said...

packing is a lot harder when you're moving cross country and can only take a limited amount of stuff, leaving everything else in storage far far away.