Friday, August 31, 2007


Hooray! The weekend is almost here! I know I have several plans already set in motion and am really excited about them, but I think I am looking forward to Sunday/Monday the most. I will be able to finish unpacking and actually know where my stuff is. Tonight if its not too late I am going to stop by WalMart for a small fish tank and set it up....that way it can run for a day or two before I get some Tetras on monday. As my dad so quaintly put it the other are easy to get rid of. I think he's thinking about flushing them but I know that if I ever decided I didn't want them anymore I can convince a certain little girl I know to take them on! It'll just make the place a little home-ier to have something else moving around other than me and the mice that I may or may not have....I think the hole is an old one......not sure yet.......

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