Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moving....eclipses....and where's my kitty?

sigh....someone is telling me most firmly that NO I am not to get a cat (and no, I am not talking about you Jase!) Echo's adoption fell through....I was approved, had the forms, went to the college to set things into motion only to find someone else had already adopted the little stinker and taken him home. Then my friend Ronetta offered me a half-starved abandoned kitten that she would bring down for my birthday this weekend--he's been claimed by the maintenance guy who found him in the first place (never mind the fact that Enrique already has 6 cats!) Obviously there is a higher power stepping forward here...at least that is how I plan to interpret things. Oh well, fish are less hassle anyway...think I will get some tetras this weekend once I clear up some counter space.

The unpacking moves slowly forward...found my cell phone charger but still haven't found the box with my makeup in it. I'd better find it tonight because Lucie flies home today and I won't be able to borrow hers anymore! My desks are in place now in the spare room which will allow me to start unpacking all the stuff that goes on and in it. Little by little it is starting to look as if I actually live there....tho it still smells like the old tennant (what do I expect though...he was there nearly a year and I've just been in for three days).

Woke up at five this morning to see the lunar eclipse and it was beautiful...the moon was a deep rusty red with pale blue around the edges. I went out into the street in my pjs to watch for about fifteen minutes and then I went in the house to try and wake up Lucie. Turns out you could see it pretty good outside my bedroom window so I woke Lucie up to take a peek. One peek was about all she took and then she passed right back out! I sat there for another hour watching the moon slowly pass out of the earth's shadow--the white moon shone brilliantly against the red and the blue became more and more pronounced as the eclipse slowly ended. I missed the final stages though because some clouds got in the way but I was still amazed by all I was able to see.


Yancy said...

I wish i would have seen more of it. I saw it when it was working its way INTO the eclipse. (and yes, i had to get up early for this). Then some clouds and the NY skyline blocked my view before the moon became completely covered by our shadow.

The moon set in NY before it started to leave the earth's shadow anyways, so there was no way for me to see the part that you saw with all the cool colors. I was just surprised I was able to see what I did. Pretty cool.

shoezimm said...

It really was amazing....wish I'd taken some photogs but I didn't think to borrow Jase's camera beforehand. I downloaded a couple of beautiful shots from the internet and I am just going to have to be happy with that. The next one will be February of next year and it will be visible from the US....after that its 2010!

Teachinfourth said...

Sorry I didn't watch it guys...sleep was a bit all too important for me. A few of my students were commenting just how cool it was too.

Maybe in Feb or 2010...