Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moving and Marmalade

I fell in love yesterday....with this sweet marmalade cat at the Vet Tech school Lucie is thinking of attending next year. His name is Echo and he's FIV so he has to be an only cat and remain indoors....and I think I am going to adopt him. I need to check with the Humane Society about what it would take but it turns out the timing is good--I am moving this weekend not next (eeps! can anyone say NOT PACKED!) Anyway, by Labor Day weekend I should be unpacked and fairly settled in so I think (with the Humane Society's blessing of course) that I will be driving up after work next Friday and coming home with a fluffy new roommate.

Speaking of the move I am absolutely frantic....I slept maybe two hours last night because I was worrying over how much crap I have to haul around. Looking at it a little more realistically this morning though...the truth is I didn't unpack a ton of my stuff when I moved to Tammy's so a lot of things are still in boxes. The next three nights after work are going to be filled with packing, packing and more packing but I honestly think I can get it done tonight and tomorrow and then Lucie will be back Friday (she's staying with Dan and Lori for a few days). I think we'll spend Friday grabbing last minute stuff and hauling boxes upstairs and into the garage so the free "moving help" will have an easier time getting the stuff loaded.

All-in-all the next few days will be jam packed and interesting.....


Miya said...

Aww, poor little guy! You should definitely adopt him after you move. Does he need special meds for his FIV? Awesome tho you found a vet tech school!

Funny enough Roy's boss has a cat named Echo. It's a cute name!

shoezimm said...

He needs to be kept indoors so he can't catch anything from other kitties as his immune system pretty much sucks and he will need regular dental care for the same reason but other than that he's fine. He won't live as long as other kitties but I can have him for years if I take good care of the little darling. Ronetta has already given me approval to bring him home...I am just waiting for the Humane Society to give me their yay or nay.