Tuesday, September 4, 2007

So much stuff.....

Well, I survived the weekend....Swiss Days was fun but both Cynthia and I were up wayyyyyyyy to late the night before so we were both tired. Watched a nice parade and got a couple of nice shots from it but I couldn't help but compare it to parades I've seen at Chataqua. Sorry to say it Midway but Chewelah has you beat for parades. Actually, there were some amazing booths set up and also the typical middle-of-the-road junk...I was surprised to see a couple really cheesy ones made it through the jurying process as well. I bought myself two metal sculpture things--a hanging dragonfly and a pumpkin candle holder along with a couple small miscellaneous items. It was DEFINATELY crowded and I came home with a mild sunburn on my neck but it was worth it--I had a lot of fun!

Went back to Cynthia's...had some bbq chicken and then ate that cheesecake....hmmm... it wasn't bad but I think I want to play around with the recipe a bit as the carrot cake could have been better and the same with the cheesecake. I think if I incorporate two recipes I already know and love I could come up with something fairly spectacular.

Sunday and Monday were pretty much spent unpacking and cleaning cleaning cleaning. Went to WalMart last night and spent a freaking $200 in kitchen junk because the idea of using what Marty left behind was making me sick. I bought four bowls, four plates (from different sets but they look amazing together!) spatula, can opener, really neat metal collander with the holes being a cut-out design of grapes, a pot/pan set, two casserole dishes and a set of glasses. Also got a mop and broom among other items. Realized I really need and want a blender so if anyone out there still hasn't gotten me anything for my birthday a gift cert to somewhere I can pick a blender up from would be great!

Realized that with all of this unpacking (and still so many boxes to go) just how much stuff I have. I gave away so much when I moved down here but its overwhelming to see just how much I still have. Ronetta, Mike and Meggie stopped by yesterday afternoon for about an hour and Ronetta stated her amazement as to how many boxes I'd gone through and how she couldn't see where it had disappeared to. Ah the illusion of full bookshelves, etc etc....you never imagine just how many boxes it takes of books to fill one of those things. I do, however, need to go through my books and take some to DI as I have far far far too many! But that's a chore for a couple weeks from now....my main focus is to finish up with those boxes and finally be moved in before sorting out stuff to get rid of! I have to admit I shouldn't have expected too much from this weekend as I did spend most of it over at Cynthia's....junk doesn't unpack itself!

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