Monday, September 24, 2007

and now for something a little more shocking....

UGH! Fall, amazingly beautiful and as WOW as it is also brings with it one thing I definately do not enjoy....I become one big electric shock! Everything around me gives me a buzz....light switches, door knobs, any and all electrical equipment. For those not in the know I actually shorted out the motherboard of my last employer's fax/copier/scanner....seriously fried the sucker (thank goodness it was a rental under warranty!)

Anyone with any advice for me...send it my way! I have a plant in the office (norfolk pine), I wear tennis shoes and try to avoid dragging my feet, I am NOT wearing ANY wool whatsoever....other than wearing gloves around the office (highly impractical) I am at a loss for what else to do other than break down and buy one of those silly "plug me into an outlet" bracelets. I DO plan to bring in the throw quilt that worked at my last job....I set it over my chair and it helped tremendously (does that mean that the culprit is my tush???) Hmmmmmmm....I guess tomorrow will tell the tale.

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