Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost All The Pretty Little Stars

I found something fun the other day.

I love the stars... I love to lie there and watch them at night, twinkling away hundreds and thousands of light years away; light only now reaching us, when the star that emitted them could be long gone.

I find it fascinating, and so beautifully haunting. I don't know what exactly it is, but I find looking at the stars almost like greeting old friends. I keep an eye out for my favorites, and it warms my heart to see their reappearance with the change of the season...

Which is why I found this to be so entertaining. Its an interactive star map... you can watch the tour (which is fun on its own) or zip around to the stars you are interested in.

Now not everyone is in there... this is in Beta mode still (and I am trying to not be sad that my beloved Sirius is not included as of yet) but it does give wonderful information, gorgeous images and you can learn something at the same time... how is that not amazing?

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