Friday, January 25, 2008

What you get for complaining...

is an absolutely awesome class change! Actually the title makes it sound worse than it is (it sounds like I threw a tantrum or something--trust me, nothing close!) I simply called my advisor and said the compy class was remedial for me and that the instructor even questioned why I was in there. She called me back after an hour and said she'd put me in Design 105 where we are working with InDesign. Since my first class met Wednesday (while my brain was turning into mush in Computers 101) I went in last night, met my instructor and he gave me a rushed 20-minute review of what I missed. The first assignment is due today, but he gave me a penalty-free extension to Monday as I just received the software last night. I have to jump over to Apple today and get my serial number and start installing the program so I can get on the assignment. For what I saw of the program though, girl is IN LOVE...this really is an amazing program, and I've only seen a few minutes of it! I am soooooooooo happy-- I am in school! Whee! And I LIKE it (school, not being happy...being happy makes me, well, happy!) Oh, and I am still posting 2 pics per day at Deviantart....check me out here

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