Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vacation Photos sepia

Hey everyone...I am still under the weather somewhat. I feel much better but I am still coughing up a storm and out of breath, my appetite still hasn't returned (though I am making myself eat) and I am easily exhausted . I am thankful though that the fever finally broke the other day and that the headache is mostly gone.

I am posting the next round of vacation photos from my trip to Sandpoint. I normally don't transfer my pictures into sepia but had fun experimenting with the function and ended up liking the results.

Let me know what YOU think.


mywest said...

Great shots

Danielle said...

LOVE them!! Hope you get feeling better quick!

Corine said...

Nice! You are a great photographer! That is a talent I really hope to develop well.

Sorry you have been so sick. I hope you feel better soon.

Yancy said...

7 (specifically the level of color),
11, 12, 14, (these 3 feel like they should be in some old magazine or book
15 (I like it, but almost wish I could get/see more of the graphic relationship of the tree, barn, and mountain. You know?)