Thursday, July 7, 2011

The day the music died....

I take a lot for granted these days from my technology.

Cell phones should always have coverage (yeah, right.... every single time I head for Washington and Idaho I lose coverage big time). My bluray player should always remember where I stopped that movie I was watching (sometimes, amazingly, it does.... but I think this little miracle only happens in order to lull me into a false sense of confidence before it begins "forgetting" again!) Laptops should always be able to find the WiFi service I want to use (not always reliable... but then, I do ask it to remember a lot of different networks). Last, but certainly not least, all electrical units should maintain an infinite battery life, whether or not I remember to charge them (okay,even I recognize that this last one is wishful thinking....)

A typical day in the office will find me bee-bopping at my desk with my iPod playing its iTunes; its become a habit every morning to plug my player into the computer and just let it run all day.... this way it keeps a charge for use in the car and whatever other demands I make on it (like an Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja attack late in the evening)

Yesterday I noticed I didn't have my cord at my desk. Hmmmm..... I must have taken it home the other day for one reason or another. Oh well.... I hooked my player up to my computer speakers and start bopping. I forgot to look for the cord last night, so I hooked my player up to my speakers again today without thinking much of it. By the time I headed out to the warehouse to ship some product it was afternoon and my player had been flashing a low battery warning at me for the last few hours. I left it running anyway and headed out to the warehouse for an hour or two before coming back to my desk to do additional paperwork.

Something was out-of-kilter... something I couldn't quite put my finger on......

Telling myself I was nothing, I got back to work and managed to while away a half hour or so before I realized just what was wrong....

My iPod had died.

No music issued forth from my speakers.... music I was so used to hearing on a daily basis. I rarely go without music playing quietly at my desk, so it was a strange sensation indeed.

Luckily, I knew just how to rectify the situation.... Hell-o Pandora!

However, I will have to suffer the 5-minute drive home tonight without tunes, unless I want to sit through the radios annoying commercials and DJs....

Guess this will teach me not to forget to feed my electronic gadgets, won't it?

Wait.... yes! I have a couple songs installed on my cell phone! Hooray, I am saved!

...this girl doesn't do music-less moments unless absolutely forced to

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Danielle said...

I feel your pain, I cannot go without my tunes at work!!