Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Happy Day....

It is a geek girl's dream this week, isn't it?

First James Cameron's expedition (squidless apparently) was a success... though he was unable to stay under for the full 6 hours he had hoped for due to some mechanical failures (don't worry, he says he plans to try, try again!)

But now this series 7 trailer for the new season of Doctor Who has been released. I love the glimpses you get of Mark Williams (from the Harry Potter series amongst many other things) running about with our heroes. Rumor is he's playing Rory's father this season! While I am looking forward to the departure of Amy Pond, I admit I am seriously going to miss Rory the Roman....

Richard will be geeking out that the Doctor will once again be running about with his trusty Stetson (sorry sweetie, no sign of the Fez!) Found out a funny piece of information recently that Matt Smith, our current Doctor, originally read for the part of Watson in the BBC reboot of "Sherlock" (amazing series by the way). While the part eventually went to Martin Freeman, Steven Moffatt was impressed by Matt and asked him to read for the role of the Doctor.

Anyway, for those of you not Doctor Who fans, you have no idea what you are missing... but for the rest of us, happy watching.

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