Saturday, July 7, 2012

As the world burns....

Thank goodness we've had some rain and cooler temperatures these last few days....  anything to help out as this summer has been nothing but wildfire after wildfire.  A couple weeks ago there was smoke literally rolling out of the canyon here in Orem, and the mountains in that direction have been obscured by a smokey haze for what seems like a month now. 

We've had fires to the south, fires across the lake, and on Tuesday I snapped this shot of a fire burning just to the north... Alpine may be on the other side of the mountain, but its not far at all as the crow flies.  The shot was taken just a few blocks from where we live.  Yikes!  A lovely shot, but what a terrifying situation for those whose homes were being threatened at the time.

And this is just what's going on in Utah, and not what is happening in the rest of the country... after all half of Colorado appears to have gone up in flames.

Still, this summer truly feels like an episode from As the World Burns....

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