Monday, December 17, 2012

What A Difference A Morning Makes

I woke up this morning a little bummed about having to go to work today... after all, I've gotten to enjoy having three day weekends, especially since my husband has Mondays off, and I don't see nearly as much of him as I'd like.

I got ready to drive into the office; weighing myself down with purse, lunch, presents I am shipping out today, before remembering that, with this being winter, that I would need my jacket as well.

I reached into the closet, pulled it from its hanger and managed to toss it over one shoulder without dropping my load. I had my usual struggle with locking the door behind me and then walked out to my car, mentally ticking off the items I had in my arms and wondering if I had forgotten anything.

The light seemed dark for this time of day, as, by now, the sun should have been peeking its golden head out over the peaks and spreading the valley with its glow. I looked up at the sky and noticed the clouds hanging overhead, obscuring the nearby mountaintops. Thick foggy tendrils were creeping along the ribs of the mountains, like locks of Medusa's hair, slow and sluggish on this winter morn.

I pulled out and made my way into the office, marveling at how the world looked, wrapped in layers of pearly gray and pale blue. The wet pavement, like a mirror, reflecting the colors back to a sky draped in the colors of rain.

I don't know what it is about days like today that just thrill me to the core. Somehow the promise of pending rain always makes me feel clean... renewed... comforted. As if someone has wrapped me in a downy thick comforter of warm woolens and soft goose feathers.

And so I am thankful for today, and for all of the mornings like today that I can look forward to in this life. Its knowing days like this exist that make the days of darkness seem easier to tackle.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for creating such beauty and comfort in even the simplest of things.

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Mindy said...

I needed this today...
Thanks for your perspective... and for the reminder that even on dark days beauty can be found.