Sunday, July 14, 2013

From the iPod: that Wild and Crazy Guy.... Steve Martin

Okay, if you're under the age of 40 you probably wouldn't understand the "Wild and Crazy" reference from the days when Steve Martin was doing a lot of comedy.  And you probably wouldn't remember a little ditty from the 70's called "King Tut" (from an SNL skit and later released as a single) performed by Steve and members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (renamed "The Toot Uncommons" for this little number).

Steve is a man of many, many talents... actor, comedian, artist, author... it seems like he is set to excel at whatever he extends his hand to, and this includes his amazing bluegrass albums.  Two were released with the Steep Canyon Rangers ("Rare Bird Alert" includes a wonderfully revamped-for-bluegrass "King Tut") and his latest album, "Love Has Come for You" is a collaboration with the ever lovely Edie Brickell.

Personally, I bought "Love Has Come for You" to listen to what Edie was up to lately, not thinking I'd get too much from it, and found I didn't want to stop listening.  I was so impressed that I went and downloaded Steve's stuff with the Steep Canyon Rangers.  Let me just say, I love these albums... and for a gal who isn't 100% on board with all things bluegrass, that's saying a lot.

But why not take a listen for yourself and check out what has been on heavy rotation on my iPod these last few months.....

Steve Martin with Edie Brickell, "When You Get To Asheville"

Steve Martin with Edie Brickell, "Get Along Stray Dog"

Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers, "Orange Blossom Special" which then segues into a mean bluegrass version of "King Tut"

Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers, "King Tut" if you wanted to hear it by itself.

And last, but not least, if you want to have a good laugh, go here to see the original skit.  I'd have it embedded for you, but its "forbidden" due to copyright.  Bummer.... still, its worth zipping over to youtube to watch because its just so stinking funny to see Steve in all his comedic glory.

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