Friday, November 8, 2013


Are you sitting there bored sometimes and looking for something meaningful to do that won't put you into a sweat or even have you leaving your computer? Something that encourages you to not only do some good, but allows you to be online in order to do it?  Something with no long-term commitments?

Search no more.....

The Smithsonian Institute needs people to help transcribe thousands of papers, journals and studies that have been housed in its attics for eons.  Not only are you helping to preserve the history and discoveries of the past, but imagine how good that will look on your resume....

You can click on the link above to read a little more about the project, or you can simply go to Smithsonian's site directly and start browsing the projects currently in need of transcription and see what strikes your fancy.  And its not as if you are taking on a complete project on your own... you work on this at your own pace and, wherever you leave off someone else will be allowed to continue.

How easy can this get?  No training, in fact the only qualifications needed are that you can read and type (both of which I am certain are talents you possess if you managed to make your way here!)  So make time in your lazy afternoon to be an armchair explorer and help shed some light into the forgotten past.

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