Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My lunch with Guns 'n' Roses

Sort of.

No, I didn't win a contest. And no it isn't officially Guns 'n' Roses. And we didn't exactly eat lunch together.

My roommate and I went to Cracker Barrel in Springville this weekend for lunch and were waiting for our meals when I noticed a blue tour bus pull up outside. A 80's-esque rocker dude with long, curly brown hair descended from the bus, came inside for a moment and then went back out to confer with peps still waiting on the bus. After a few minutes there was a mass exodus of 15-20 people in black leather, black t's and jeans from said bus and into the restaurant where they were ushered to seats just across the restaurant.

They looked like 10 miles of extremely bad road. Laughing and joking they appeared to have a good time but you could see some serious mileage on their faces.

Apparently the "good life" of being a rocker isn't as good as it sounds.

We finished our lunches and headed out but not before asking our waitress who the band was.

'Guns and Roses' she replied.

Hmmmmmm. I didn't think they were together, even with that "Chinese Democracy" album they tossed out onto the public this year. My roommie teased me that I should go up and ask to take their picture but I declined. I am not a GNR fan and can't stand that screaming crap that Axl Rose thinks is singing.

Turns out it wasn't even really GNR...the drummer Steven Adler was kicked out in the 90's for his drug problems (no I didn't know this...I had to look it up online). He formed a band called Adler's Appetite and got some of the old band members together. Apparently they are on tour performing the entire "Appetite for Destruction" album but I have no idea who is screaming the lyrics now.

Hmmmm.......still, I can honestly say I had lunch with rock stars. Even if it was from a distance.

Besides, a few of them looked like they would bite.


Cory said...

As fun as fameous sounds... looking at their lives - it's impossible to envy.

I'll keep my remote little life. :D

Sounds like watching them was probably great entertainment though!

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, you were able to hold yourself back...

mywest said...

The life of rockers....they spend more on one road trip than I make in a several years.... Money would be nice but not if I have to live the life style....