Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update from a very tired girl....

Well I never thought that my past experience working for WalMart would have given me "mad skillz" but they have been put to the test the last week.

For those who don't know; my employer found us a new office just around the bend where we have a much larger warehouse (which we needed), room for a storefront and additional office space for the second owner and the part-time accountant.

Setting up the shelving fell on me earlier this week.

We've been moving things slowly with my car and the boss' truck but today we rented a moving van with a lift gate, busted ass and cleaned out the old office/warehouse and moved everything to the new location. I kept giving advice on the best way to utilize the pallet jack since the lift gate wasn't exactly wide enough for some of the pallets. Dan finally started laughing about what a "show off" I was...but admitted I knew how to get around the problems.

As for me...I am so glad that we've gotten everything out of the office. I am just so tired. Last week I put in around 50 hours and this week I am already at 30 hours. I have been running all over the place trying to move junk, set up the new office, answer phones, run packages to the UPS store to ship, pack pack pack and figure out the new warehouse layout. Layout that didn't work since we were moving stuff so fast today that pallets were parked all over the warehouse and in no particular order. sigh. The rest of this week will be organizing that mess and bringing product into the store to fill the shelves.

I just found out that tomorrow I have to be at the tabernacle by 4:30 for graduation. I'll have to eave work early so I can pick up my cap and gown on the way. As tired as I am right now I am getting so excited for tomorrow. Yeah! Graduation! Of course I still have another 16 months to go before I am done with school (I just HAD to decide to go for the Bachelor's degree).

Its only 9:30 but I am heading off to bed...last night I didn't sleep much because my brain wouldn't shut off and kept worrying about the move.

Stupid brain. Like staying awake worrying about it accomplished anything!


Teachinfourth said...

Associate today...bachelor tomorrow...


Hope you get enough rest to feel well-rested.

♥Miya said...

I didn't know you could graduate with an AA. The lowest degree our school will offer is a BA...which sucks because I'm a Junior now and totally have enough credits for an AA, plus community college would have been cheaper, but there's none in the area. BAH! Mah stewpid skool, I ain't learned nuthin!