Saturday, September 12, 2009

So much to do

and no more time.

I am working this weekend trying to get the shelves ready for stock that is supposed to start pouring in on Monday morning. I've been here a little over half the day and am ready to call it quits for the day and decided to go see Star Trek since its now at the cheap theater. The first time I saw it we were in the nosebleed seats up front and this movie had so much going on that I know I was missing a lot of the action.

I had thought I'd come back for an hour or two after the movie but now I don't think so. I had planned something completely different for today that fell through and I just can't seem to sufficiently motivate myself to put in a full day here when I hadn't planned to in the first place. There will still be plenty of work for me here tomorrow, that's for sure.

I opened up the boxes of shelving material I had ordered 2 weeks ago and discovered that the company had completely bungled my order. The shelving strips won't fit the type of shelf I have so I looked at the box they sent and read "C-Channel Strips" when I asked for Lozier style. Then the wire peg label holders shipped were for the flip style, not the FISH tip that I need. Wow. The only thing he got right were the 2 rolls of blue plastic that was supposed to fit in the channel strips!

Ah well....the blue plastic snaps onto the shelves without the channel strips so I just made do. I left a message for the company to call me back Monday about returning these strips since I no longer plan to use them and to have them ship me the right wire tips (can't get around using those!) Unless I demand they overnight the right material there is no way I am going to have them in time for the grand opening but it really doesn't matter....its partially my own fault anyway for not opening the box as soon as it arrived a week ago to verify the correct stuff was sent.

I will, however, stop by WalMart on my way home because I need a long-handled window squeegie so I can have our windows sparkling the morning of the "Big Day". There is so much dust and cobwebs up there now that its disgusting. Thankfully we haven't been in here long so the blinds still look clean...I'd hate to have to scrub those down!

I swear everytime I turn around I see something else I should be assembling, organizing, cleaning or stocking....I'd better get out of here before I really DO stay for the rest of the day. Honestly, I am already over 50 hours for the week and will have at least that next week.....its okay for me to not have the shop sparkling today.

Scotty....beam me up. I'm done here.


Corine said...

I'd love to have you work for me, clean my cobwebs etc! :D There is always so much to do!

Good luck with the grand opening!

♥Miya said...

You've got so much to do, and only so many hours in a day...hey hey...

Great, now Billy Joel is going to be stuck in my head all night!

By the way I got the etsy gift today! I LOVE IT! It's so cute and it's perfect for my phone! :D THANK YOU THANK YOU!