Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a strange day

I awoke to a car covered in white that stuck just enough to the windows that the scraper was necessary, but at least the roads were fine. I can't say the same for the steps this morning....the mat outside was slick slick slick but I managed not to fall...or trip over the stray cat waiting for his breakfast and getting underfoot (yes I feed the local strays).

After getting to work the morning has just dragged along....which is a good thing since I have a lot to do here today. I have orders I am still coordinating, product that I just discovered has been discontinued by the manufacturer so I am trying to find a suitable replacement, and orders to fill. Sometimes I feel there are not enough hours in the day!

Out of the blue this morning I got a phone call from an old friend who is driving into town today with his dad (from out of state) who wants to get together for a visit while he's in town. Ben is hoping to get in tonight but with the snow he's driving through (welcome to spring in Utah!) he might not get in until tomorrow. Regardless, it'll be nice to catch up with him as I think its been about a decade since we last saw one-another (I am pretty sure the last time I saw him was a brief visit in 2000).

Sweet story comes to mind about that last visit....I was getting divorced and living in my own place. I had made cookie dough which I kept in the fridge for about a week, noshing off the raw dough when I woke up early in the morning feeling sick, headed for the bathroom only to pass out and smack my head into the doorframe and land face-first on the floor (no that's not the sweet part). I came to with a pair of black eyes, a broken nose (ouch!), 2 swollen lips (I bit through both of them) and a nice concussion. Wouldn't you know who shows up on my doorstep not more than a day later with me in all my bruised glory? Yup, my old friend Ben.

He took one look at the mess I was and quietly asks if he needed to come in for a moment. Me, clueless as ever was thinking "what? why?" (I blame it on the concussion) and then he clued me in....he thought I had been battered by someone who was hiding in the apartment! As wrong as the assumption was I felt so grateful to have someone there who cared so much. He insisted on looking through the apartment (which I allowed) but I still remember that feeling. It was good to have confirmation of how much some people cared about me when I was in a dark enough place to not be feeling much of it for myself.

Oh yeah, catching up with this guy will not be a problem. I've been friends with his sister Corine since we were kids (more years than I care to count). We used to play together while Ben and my brother Jason ran around doing whatever it is that boys do when they get together. Of course Ben and Jason are pretty good at ganging up and teasing me mercilessly (I am so freaking gullible) so I expect a bit of torture to be included at some point before the weekend is over.

Oh (side note)....I no longer eat raw cookie dough.

Well, my break is over and I have to get back to the much to do, so little time! More later....and happy April Fools to all of us gullible gals out there!


Corine said...

LUCKY YOU!!! Ben and I live so far apart, we seldom see each other any more. :( - I'm officially jealous. Wish I could have come along! :O I hope you all have a great time with out me, but that you wish I were there too! ;) LOL (Sorry, I just have to be honest. :)

TTNF! Corine

PS. Tell that brother of mine to check out my blog some time and to remember that I'm alive! :) Thanks.

Corine said...

Wait - you said dad will be there too! Pass it all on to him as well... and tell him to return my calls! (If you don't mind doing my dirty work for me, that is. :) LOL

And give them both hugs for me! :)

Corine said...

Hi again. I just realized I'm probably too late; have they come and gone already? Tell me all about it! :)

Corine said...

PPS. It occured to me that I never told you I was also jealous that they get to se YOU! Blame it on the blond hair... will you? :D Love you! ;)